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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Cash and Compassion from our Safe European Homes.

Just after Britain winged and wined it’s way through the snow and cold weather, on the other side of the world in Haiti a country crumbled as a massive earthquake hit.
The United Nations and aid agencies mobilise and governments across the world pledge pounds and dollars towards the relief effort. Images of babies being pulled from the rubble tug at the heart strings, and opens the purse strings of the citizens of the world.
After four days the criticism starts that not enough is being done to help the people of Haiti. Truth is everything is being done, but the countries infa structure is unable to cope; the main airport is to small, hospitals are under equipped and the government has collapsed under the weight of the people demanding action. Lets face it Haiti is not one of the most developed countries in the world.
In this era of regime change and sticking noses into other countries affairs, why doesn’t the developed world help somewhere like Haiti develop, why wait until a natural disaster strikes before doing anything, I mean all the money that’s going in aid, could have been spent over the years on helping improve Haiti’s infrastructure, then when/if something like an earthquake happened it would have a better chance of coping rather than descending into anarchy and chaos as people fight amongst the rubble for scrapes of food. But when the US did stick their noses in to Haiti’s business during the 90’s with Operation Uphold Democracy, which removed the military leaders and paved the way for Jean Bertram Aristide to become elected president until there was a military coup in 2004 then Astride was removed from power by US Marines who flew him to the Central African Republic, to avoid a blood bath in Haiti where there had been issues over his election as president. So much for upholding Democracy. Since 2004 the UN has had a mission in Haiti, which unfortunately suffered as a result of the quake with staff being killed and supplies being either destroyed or looted. So were does that leave the people of Haiti?
But like most things in this individualised globalised world it’s all about what riches can be gained from other countries, only then is anything long term done. Oil or Voodoo?
Truth is no one really gives a shit until it hit’s the fan.

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