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Friday, 1 January 2010

JEREMY GLUCK - I Knew Buffalo Bill

I was meant to post this at the same time as Nikki Sudden's Lost in A Sea of Scarves, another request for someone, but never got round to it what with all the Christmas bollocks, time etc. Now this post has a different significance. On 30th December 2009 Roland S Howard passed away after battling liver cancer. Roland’s musicianship is all over this album; hypnotic kraut rock basslines and a scratchy swamp guitar sound. This album is greater than the sum of it’s parts, and boy did it have some parts to it. Jeremy Gluck, former singer for the surftastic garage punkers The Barracudas gathered together not only Roland S Howard but Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks and Jeffery Lee Pierce to record this master piece of stripped back swamp blues and lo-fi post-punk laced with a hint of 60’s pop. It is both beautiful and brutal, stark and colourful in equal measures. A must have! Get it Here! My respect and sympathy goes out to Roland’s family and friends.


nekrodad said...

fucking a !!!! you just gave me an eargasm my friend!!!! i been looking for this for years.

btw-the gunslingers post mate? please please nuzz, for me

NoRecords Records said...


if I can allow myself, here's two french bands that I like,
some kinda power pop & psychedelic stuff, that maybe be you'll enjoy !
have a nice time and a good year

morning favorites : the five red flags (2010)

here :



eveden : violent derby (2009)



or there


Built, not born :-/ said...

Noble theft :) Thanx JSG

Kostas said...

My latest post is dedicates to you my friend . I wish you a happy new year .

4 dogs records said...


Cat-north of watford junction said...

This is on dimeadozen Nuzz, don't know if you have it or not, if you ain't got an account let me know and i'll d\l and pass it on to you.
Happy new year to all

Nikki Sudden
Fat Baby, NYC 2006-03-23

lineage: Sony ECM Mic -> Sony HI-MD -> Sonic Stage -> wav -> Nero(tracking) -> flac 8

Disc 1:
1) Big Store
2) Bourgeois Blues
3) Green Shield Stamps
4) Treasure Island
5) Let's Build a Car
6) Ambulance Station
7) Where the River Ends
8) Looking for a Friend
9) Seven Miles
10) Death is Hanging Over Me
11) Midget Submarines > Back to the Coast > Full Moon
12) Stay Brueised
13) Fortune of Fame
14) Cathy (cut in)

Vietnam opened:

Tracks 1-13:
Danny Hole -- drums

track 14: with Vietnam

This was recorded two days before his death, and was the third of the five concerts he gave in NYC on this tour. This was the only one where you actually had to pay.

I ran into Nikki coming out of the bathroom before the show. He said hello and started telling me about how excited he was to have seen the New York Dolls. Then in mid sentence his eyelids fluttered and he fell asleep.

Sound is quite good on this, but there is background chatter from the young hipsters who are standing at the bar.

Of the five shows I saw that tour, this one was my favorite. Just Nikki blasting it out with his electric guitar and Danny Hole providing the beat.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers good people, nekro, The Gunslingers post will be happening, no problem Private somewhere, err, sorry JSG, it can be removed if you'd rather. Cheers Kostas, International Noise Conspiracy, top fuckin' band, must move them up the pile of things to post in 2010, not before The Gunslingers though. Always a pleasure 4 Dogs Records. No and Yes cat-north of watford junction, a copy of that Nikki Sudden show would be great. Happy New Year one and all.

cat - north of watford junction said...

Here's the Nikki sudden NYC 2006 show in flac files all zipped up and ready to go, any problems let me know and i'll try again.


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers cat, one small problem though, can't download it, keeps saying "the file you are trying to access is temprarily unavailable" been the same for last couple of hours.

planckzoo said...

Thanks for sharing I Knew Buffalo Bill. I remember how excited I was when I purchased it o so many years ago, and I am very happy you are giving people a chance to listen to this recording.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Had the same excitment myself planczoo, and still love listening to it. Disregard last comment cat, the downloads come through load'n'clear, thanx, a special show that one.

nekrodad said...

hey nuzz,
i finally got around to give this a good listen. this song "16 Sixteen Wheels" dont play right, alot of skips my man. can you please load that track again? im sorry for being a pain in the arse.

Chris G. said...

truly beautiful.

nekrodad said...


can you please reup the song 16 wheels? from this awesome l.p., if you dont have it anymore thats fine, i found the cd at a shop but they want 75 bucks, and damn i got kids to feed.

planckzoo said...


This should be the 16 wheels track, please let me know if it isn't. I haven't posted files in awhile and hope I did it correctly!

Anonymous said...

hey nuzz, could you do me a great favor and put up Nikki's version of Gallery wharf (or is it called ragged school?)
NONE of the record shops in SoCal seem to be carrying the texas/dead men cd.

as it turns out Rowland was on both of those albums!

nekrodad said...

hey planckzoo,

no it dont work amigo

nekrodad said...

i got the track now, bought it from amazon.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Rowland s. Howard was the best...you know, the sounds, the riffs, the fucking riffs overdose....

thanks for this rare spice....