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Sunday, 17 January 2010

THEE HYPNOTICS - Live'r Than God

Hot on the heels of thee last post here’s another blast of The Hypnotics. This is their first album, well sort of. Rather than stick up my crackly copy of the Liver than God mini album I’ve opted for the expanded re-release that appeared on Sub Pop records. It includes the 5 tracks that were on the original UK release, but in the digital age this release includes 3 tracks that weren’t on the Sup Pop re-release. Does that make sense? I dunno, but what you’ve got here are eleven tracks of pure and primal rock’n’roll. This post goes out to that American Psycho Nekrodad and his Death Party, and Chris over at The Scrawl of The Wild. Why? Well…. 1) nekrodad asked if I had it. 2) I bought my original copy from Chris’s record shop Ripple Records, way back when and 3) It’s a fuckin’ great record. Enjoy!


pipeline said...

I think we may have unbeknowingly spilled each others pints at a couple of Hypnotics gigs as well Nuzz. Yes,a great band. Very loud if I remember! Soul Trader was a killer single. Jim Jones currently has a wildy rockin' band called the Jim Jones Review. Def worth checking out.

nekrodad said...

hey thanks nuzz, i used to have this sub pop version. now i just have the 5 song version. thanks alot man

Chris Ripple said...

Ah, 'tis nice to be remembered with such affection... Ok, it's nice to be remembered anyway.

(memo to self, you're married now so update the blog...)

Agree with pipeline re Jim Jones Review. They blew the roof off the jazz cafe in about 30 mins.

Thanx for the namecheck mate, Must buy you a beer sometime ?

cgm said...

Came late to this great band - so thanks for making this available!