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Sunday, 17 January 2010

JOHNNY THUNDERS - Too Much Junkie Business.

If I had to choose just one Johnny Thunders ‘product’ to keep in my ‘collection’ this would be the one. Originally released in 1983 on cassette only, The New Too Much Junkie Business contains 14 tracks of top quality Thunders shit that encapsulates the man the myth and the mayhem on one release. The tracks are a mixture of studio stuff from late 1982 and a live recording from The Peppermint Lounge sometime whenever. The songs are drawn from his days with The New York Dolls, The Heartbreakers and Gang War. One reviewer said it was “For diehards only” I’d dispute this and say it was a good introduction to the works of Johnny Thunders, here’s what another reviewer the late Robert Palmer, head rock critic of The New York Times had to say about it "Inspirational cassette. His guitar sound has jagged edges, rips and rends like barbed wire while his rangy voice wraps itself around a lyric like an undernourished boa constrictor. Kicking, careening, rousing anarchic performances here!" Anyway, if you aint heard it there’s only one way to find out, and here’s how.


planckzoo said...

Thanks Nuzz, I recall clearly when this tape came out, how much I played and loved it. I saw Johnny a bunch of times during the early and mid 80s, it was always fun and a blast.

nekrodad said...

i remember when this tape came out too nuzz, it was actually one of the 1st i ever bought. I love johhny's music so much. thank you

Alltid Rött Alltid Rätt said...

I loved it so much over the years even if I was a bit annoyed by the bootlegsound on it... I even wrote the guy that had ROIR-company and got a nice reply too from him.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I never thought I'd see -- or hear -- this again. I cannot thank you enough. Now if only someone would post a copy of Stations of the Cross, also a ROIR cassette, and the home of arguably Johnny's most adorable stage patter committed to recording medium (including his defense of his backup singers: "Who the fuck was rude to these bitches? Fuckin' dicks!"

aikin said...

thanks much for this. I'm among those who remember this from cassette, unfortunately long ago lost, along with many, many other classics.

RevolutionaryBum said...

Thanks for the rip. I have a copy under my bed in a box although the colors are slightly different on the artwork. the tape is red or yellow if I recall. I stopped using it a long time ago out of fear that it might get eaten by the player =(( So it's really cool that you posted a copy for all us crusty J.T. fans... I salute you DTK !

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