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Sunday, 17 January 2010

"Excuse me, but are you Middle Class?"

This fuckin’ game is getting more surreal as it goes on. I thought I miss heard this on the news last night when the propaganda machine at the BBC said that Gordon Brown was telling middle class voters that if the Tories got into power they would target more money to the poorer sections of society, i.e. taking it away from another section of society, but no in a speech aimed at middle England wherever that is he was talking about social mobility for the middle classes, whoever they are. For fucks sake, how much more do these imaginary people who live in this imaginary land need, because either way whoever wins the next election all they are gonna do is protect the interests of Capitalism. There are only two sections in a Capitalist society. The haves and have nots; there is no middle ground, and if there is, it is a total construct designed to maintain the status quo. It’s an illusion, a place inhabited by people with aspirations to be a have who can be controlled by the fear that they will end up being a have not, if they don’t play the game and vote for who ever pretends to protect their interests. What a load of bollocks! If people want change then they really need to change themselves first, and that goes for every single politician that spouts off about ‘change‘. That aint gonna happen though, because they don’t know how to play any other game apart from the one that’s been played for the last hundred years, and no-ones prepared to break the rules and say “I’m bored with playing this shit, lets play something different” for fear of becoming a have not. Well fuck the 'middle class' and their creators and protectors; yer all a bunch of losers.


Highlander said...

Spot on Nuzz. Have's and have nots - ruling class and working class. The politicians, as part of the ruling class, are desperate to appeal to everyone so they can remain in power and keep on 'having'. While the numpties calling themselves middle-class keep swallowing their shit for exactly the reason you described - cause they're terrified of ending up a have-not. What they forget is that retirement will do that nicely for them - as their pensions will probably be worthless anyway. Still as long as they've worked all their lives for the benefit of the 'haves', eh.

Anonymous said...

'The working class can kiss my arse,
I've got the Foremans job at last'.

Chris Ripple said...

Highlander I'm ashamed of you...
All that cynicism ?
I'm ashamed of myself too cos I wholeheartedly agree with you and Da Nuzz.

Anonymous. I take on board the rhyme. Apt and appropriate.

Didn't we have an expression back in the late 80's/90's, 'Apathy killed more people than an Armelite ?'
Still and all, feed 'em crap all day and the stupid shits lap it up.
Keeps them anaesthesized against reality.
I mean... Is that too hard cos it's how I feel these days ?