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Saturday, 30 January 2010


“BROKEN BRITAIN !” Is it just a vision in the minds of the malleable middle class’s who we’ve established don’t really exist except in the minds of the manipulated and mindless. If Britain is broken, then they’re the fuckers that broke it. Now it’s time they fixed their minds and did something with them and about it, rather than worrying about how much they can earn and spend on shit while others live in shit. Why not become Social Workers? An honourable middle class profession/career, another illusion there; middle class people don’t have jobs, they have careers or professions only working class people have jobs, so how come when the media reports about failings in Social Work for example, they say that the Social Workers haven’t been doing their jobs properly, not their careers or professions. I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent there, where was I….. Broken Britain, Social Workers, Middle Class….ah! that’s it, everyone working in departments chained by bureaucracy, audits, statistics, targets, human rights and health and safety legislations, are too scared to speak out about working practises and governmental rationale about how to do the job, in case they lose not only their job but their identities, while all the time it’s in all politicians interests to keep Britain broken and divided; If it wasn’t then there’d be nothing for them to fix or unite, no illusions to create and if there was nothing for them to do, then there’d be no need for them. Tony Blair said his shit at the Iraq War charade, “we were right to remove Saddam, he was evil blah, blah, blah.” So if that was the rationale how come Britain hasn’t gone to war with a lot more countries around the world.
A Government report was published saying there is a big wealth gap in Britain between the richest and the poorest. This is after endless Government schemes introduced to reduce poverty. The people know the truth; all politicians are liars and cheats, but do they want to believe it?


Anonymous said...

Your observations are usually spot on Nuzz. However you got one thing seriously wrong this time.
Cameron’s dick is much smaller than that. Unless of course he finds the elderly ‘Arousing’, which is not beyond the realm of possibility I suppose, seeing as how they will all be voting for him.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, Laughing Out Loud, Maybe, or is he just one big fucking knob!?