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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A4 Poster from the 80's


Anonymous said...

Years ago I saw a t-shirt baring the slogan ‘Bad governments are elected by people who don’t vote’.
It made me think. However I won’t be voting this time. Saying they are all as bad as each other is a gross oversimplification I know…but they are. I have resigned myself to the fact that the Tories will get in by however much majority. And when that happens I will then have to resign myself further to at least a decade, probably more, of Tory rule. I think its fair to say that there are desperate times ahead for a lot of us.

I just cannot understand where all the young voices of protest are. Twenty-thirty years ago young people would be united and marching in the streets in protest over the Politicians expenses and the bankers that almost brought us to our collective knees, and who are now being propped up by the very taxpayers they shafted. It amazes me still further as it is the younger generation who will ultimately be paying for all this for the rest of their working lives, and they will now be very long working lives, as there will almost certainly be no state pension entitlement until Seventy by the time they are all due to retire. Maybe it just hasn’t sunk in yet. The Plasma TV effect is still a barrier to reality for a lot of people. I despair…

Longy said...

The Tories fucked me for years so I voted Labour and then they fucked me too. If the Tories get back in then they'll fuck me even more. I won't vote for anyone this time,I'm fucked enough as it is!

I just wish Thatcher would die so I can get my Chumbawamba EP.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Well said anon. Too fuckin' right longy.