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Friday, 9 April 2010

All the fun of the unfair. The ride starts now. Hold on tight. (Some notes)

Here we fucking go! It’s official, the race is on, one in which we lose from the choice that some make. It’s election time. Who’s got the best looking wife? Who dresses the best? Who’s got the best slogans? Just like the capitalist system they’re all supporting, it’s sell, sell, sell. Win, win, win, unless you lose, lose, lose, which is pretty much most of us.
And then there’s the policies, Economic Tax is too taxing for me. They talk of a ‘fair society’ which is just an illusion, because their capitalist system doesn’t reward the fair and just, it needs things to be unfair and unjust to function.
This Election is gonna be the most media driven ever thanks to the “White heat of technology.”
Prospective prime ministers are gonna mass debate on Television, a political first, no doubt well controlled and stage managed.
Preaching Green Policies while clocking up air miles and leaving carbon footprints across the country travelling by plane. Kissing babies, hugging hoodies.
Celebrity driven. Michael Cain and the Conservatives have come up with this voluntary citizenship program. How long before it becomes compulsory? Because those that would/might benefit from some sort of discipline/order in their lives aint gonna be volunteering. How much to administer and manage such a program?
National Insurance, so business leaders aren’t happy about an increase in contributions, it means they’ll have to put a little less in their pockets. and workers earning £20,000+ probably aren’t gonna welcome the news. Both Tories and Labour have spoken about the fair society, well in my eyes, the more you earn, the more you should pay, and as for business, well the more profit they make the more they should pay. As for public services suffering because of the increase in contributions the employer, would have to pay, well I’m all for some efficiency savings. I work in the public sector, and believe me it’s over run by managers, the ratio between worker and manager in one department I’m aware of are almost 2 to 1, all monitoring performance, targets and standards. Then get this….the same department have employed a couple of consultants to see how savings can be made!!!!???? Well how about managers speaking to the workers, rather than pay an extortionate amount for a couple of consultants. Probably cos the workers would tell the managers where to go. When it comes to public money those in charge don’t care how it’s spent. They’re the fuckers earning £20K+ so it seems fair on several levels that they should pay more tax. Firstly because of the level of their earnings and secondly because they are responsible for wasting public money, tax payers money. Our money, which in my case is a lot less than twenty grand a year. So now it’s time they started paying it back. Sounds fair to me. I don’t think they will though, but hey….Life isn’t fair and everything that’s solid melts into air under capitalism, so now it’s time those that have benefited from an unfair/unjust system were treated a bit more fairly and saw their wealth start to disappear. It’s time for change….real change, but that aint gonna happen at this election, cos they all want year votes and everyone wants to keep their money. It’s the bottom dollar to people the rest is just secondary: Law and order, Health, Education etc.
Don’t get blinded by the election, a couple of other things. Petrol at it’s highest price. America and Russia have reached a nuclear weapon reduction agreement. No election and we’d be hearting more about other news, I wonder what’s been buried in the garden at number 10 or in the flower beds at The Houses of Parliament, how many new laws have been passed? and what are they? Keep yer eye on the(ir) game.
Nothing any of ‘em say will make me wanna vote for them. The right not to vote.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention the Digital Economy bill. The governement now have the power, via ISP's, to block UK access to all cyber lockers. I.e. Rapidshare, Megaupload, Divshare Medifire etc, etc. If the Tories get in they want to give you a criminal record for downloading. How do you feel about having your DNA taken and getting your connection cut off for listening to a shit thirty year old recording of the Screaming Fuckwits at the Roxy, Nuzz?