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Monday, 19 April 2010

BATUSIS - 4 Track EP (A Review)

Far more interesting than the pizza leaflets and election propaganda that had come through my door while I was away, was a package from NoblePR, containing a copy of the Batusis E.P Sylvain Sylvain from the New York Dolls, and Cheetah Chrome from The Dead Boys new ’supergroup’ I dunno about super, but it’s a great fuckin’ record. A 15 minute gasoline soaked whiskey ride down the devils highway, that puts many of today’s contenders/pretenders to shame when it comes to blasting out some decent and honest Rock’n’Roll. Sandwiched between the two instrumentals; Blues Theme and Big Cat Stomp. (The first is the theme from 70’s biker film The Wild Angels and originally preformed by Dave Allen and The Arrows, while the second is Cheetah and Sly’s sequel) are a couple of tunes that sum up Rock’n’Roll for me; What You Lack In Brains is a piano ladened boogie with Sly’s tounge planted firmly between either his cheeks or some blond bimbo’s, or as Mrs Wolf said “What’s this sexist shit?” err “Rock’n’Roll, and I think they’re taking the piss.” Bury You Alive on the other hand is Cheetahs dark, apocalyptic growler of a song about ‘the man’ falling which references 9/11 and the Iraq War, Mrs Wolf said it sounded like the Lords Of The New Church. So if you’re interested and like all things Rock’n’Roll; the Batusis 4 Track EP is available from Smog Veil Records on May 4th.


It's a **** thing said...

Did you know that the UK tour has be canceled?

pipeline said...

I will be buying this. Bummer about the tour. Would have loved to have seen Cheetah play live again. Hope they manage to sort something out for later in the year.

Anonymous said...

Damn volcano!

MJG196 said...

And the tour is about to begin in the States!

Nazz Nomad said...

saw em the other nite in NYC- truly an epic show- they also broke outr "I wanna be loved", Trash, Sonic Reducer, Femme Fatale and a couple of others. I am still too hungover to remember.