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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

BREAKING NEWS....Gordon Brown catches foot and mouth....BREAKING NEWS.

So a SkyTV microphone is left on and the people get to hear what Gordon Brown really thinks, (nice conspiracy theory there; Sky-Murdoch-The Sun newspaper = Political Plot) what you see is what you get hey Gordon, the man of the people upsets a life long labour supporter by calling her a bigot after she’d asked him about the political hot potato of Immigration, and expressed not only her concerns, but also those of a lot of other voters. He then went round to Mrs Duffy’s house to apologies about ’the misunderstanding’. No, people understood. Interestingly she wasn’t pictured with Gordon when he left her house. Perhaps he had one of his losing the plot moments, and slapped her about a bit, either that or she didn’t want to be seen with a big idiot! The final Britain’s Got Politicians show could be interesting viewing tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Less than five hours after this news breaking Mrs Duffy was already in discussions with a leading public relations company.

Chris Ripple said...

Well it's a bit of a result really, isn't it ?
For the last 13 years the fucking Labour Party has called everyone who ever dared mention immigration a racist...
Now we're just bigots !

The absolute fucking hypocrisy in their talking about it now is plain for all to see and you can draw your own conclusions from it and the desperation of ol' Gordo' trying to cling to power by finally admitting there IS a problem and it's out of control is just mindblowingly patronising to every free thinking person in this country (or is that cunt-ry ?)

'Scuse the cynicism...