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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Election Polls

Just like a volcano erupting, British politics has seen a ‘seismic shift‘; thanks to the shallowness of a media driven society people have discovered there’s a new political party called The Liberal Democrats, who if the opinion polls are to be believed have seen their popularity rise. It’s an election, they’re politicians, nothing is to be believed. Nick Clegg is just the same as the others, who are quick to point this out as they try and defend themselves. It’s just a different flavour to the shit we are being fed. Still at least it’s given Brown and Cameron a well deserved kick up the arse, and if there is a hung parliament the traditional two party political system will see a shift in its power base, which can only be a good thing for our so called democracy, where even if The Liberal Democrats did well in the Election, they could never be in power as there is no proportional representation, it’s just the number of seats the party wins that dictates who’s in power. As for their policies, well Vince Cable was one of the few politicians to see and warn of the recession coming, and in the wake of America and Russia’s nuclear arms reduction pact the idea that Britain cuts back on spending for it’s Trident Missile program might be worth considering, as the only thing the world needs to fear now are the forces of nature.

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Anonymous said...

Cleggs got a difficult path to travel in the next few weeks. The other two will be out to get him, and he's got to prove himself to voters.

There are elements of the LibDem policies that I don't agree with. But it's worth remembering that if they were in power we would not have gone to war. Unlike many others, I don't blame Brown for all the countries current financial woes. But its hard to imagine the country being in a worse financial state under Clegg.

I dread the prospect of a Cameron government with it's 'Big Society' bullshit. Whatever they say, the Tories will always create a more divided society. It is in their nature to do so. Therefore it is in my nature not to vote for them.

Apart from Brown and Cameron, this is also an unwelcome challenge for the Westminster Village obsessed media. They don't like anything that upsets *their* status quo either. Respected BBC radio journalist was yesterday repeatedly describing the LibDems sudden rise in popularity as a 'Threat' to the 'System'. A revealing comment if ever there was. The word challenge would perhaps have been more acurate.