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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Politics / Music.

What’s wrong with mixing Politics and Rock’n’Roll?
1) Nothing. When The Dirty Strangers team up with former MC5 manager John Sinclair and release Lock and Key. A driving, hypnotic riff of a song with Johns politician baiting spoken words over the music and a catchy chorus “All the trouble you’ve caused, Pain and misery you’ve done. So much wrong, you should be under lock and key.” Available as a 3 Track digital download at Itunes for a recession busting bargain price of £1.29.
2) Everything When in a stunt The Labour Party appropriate The Jams Eton Rifles in a bid to spread their message of class difference between them and the Tory Party. There is no difference, which is unfortunately highlighted by the media in their expose that Paul Weller sent his kids to private school. Interestingly his new single Wake Up The Nation is his most political song in ages, it’s probably available on Itunes as well.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that one is ironic Nuzz. Particularly as the Jam, in their early 77 black suit and tie days, were advocating voting Conservative. A fact that many seem to have forgotten in the ensuing years. I liked them though, the Jam that is.