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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Back with a....................

Well I’m back after a week away on the Norfolk Coast. I never tire of walking along the sand with the sound of waves crashing, and the wind whistling through the marham grass on the dunes, a good way to defrag your mind. I tried not to think about too much of what was going down in the world, there were a couple of things however that couldn’t escape my thoughts:
1) The Prime Ministerial Debate. I’d have rather watched people taking the piss out of politicians on BBC 1’s Have I got News For You, than politicians taking the piss out of people, but Mrs Wolf wanted to partake in The Spectacle of the ‘historic broadcast‘, so I watched, what did I think….well Brown and Cameron bickered and Clegg said he offered an alternative, they all acted out their parts, to the silent studio audience, all very clinical and rehearsed. 10million people watched it and decided they thought Nick Clegg had the X Factor. I for one can’t wait for Round Two on Thursday, because it’s being broadcast on the SkyNews Channel, and I don’t get SkyNews on my T.V Reeeesult!
2) Volcanic ash cloud. Natures power, no planes flying, no pollution. Silence, I live under a flight path, and the sound of the big jets are always there, passing over, not today they’re not, it’s also strange not seeing the vapour trails criss crossing the sky. It’s not been a good few months for the aviation industry, what with the strikes, and now mother nature striking back. Shame!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, two major revelations this week:

There is apparently a third credible political party in existance that is acually worth considering voting for.

Live near a flight path as well. Truly amazing how quiet it is at the moment. Can even hear the birds singing. Must be good for the pollution levels.

Welcome back.

Marky Dread (Sparks) said...

Welcome back Nuzz glad you enjoyed your break always good to free the mind for a while. KOKO.

neil said...

Wherebouts in Norfolk were you - I could've bought you a beer for the stuff I've got off your site,