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Thursday, 1 April 2010

No mass debating for me tonight.

BOLLOCKS! Gonna just have to watch instead. Yes, there was No call from the BBC. The Nuzz Prowling Wolf Experience wont be making an appearance in the nations front rooms tonight on Question Time, shame, never mind something’s just weren’t to be. I was all hyped and hoping, to make my point about people being treated as fools and being fooled by the powers that be, especially as there’d been a story in the papers this week, not todays I hasen to add (April Fools day) about a Pet shop owner getting a draconian sentence for selling a goldfish to some one who was under 16 years old. Fool the people. It’s not about the goldfish, or the pet shop owner, it’s about the injustice in the justice system, but I think a better story would have been about the unjust and draconian sentences protesters received after the Anti - Israel invasion of Gaza demos/protests. They weren’t even arrested at the time of the protests, only after police had viewed CCTV footage and identified them were they arrested, but no…… it’s all about the goldfish. The media try to shape the publics opinion and there by forcing the politicians into addressing what ever the issue, or ’Political Hot Potatoes’ is. Take yer pick, they’re all in the fire at the moment; Law and Order, Immigration, Health, Education, all roasting away. I wonder what’s gonna be tossed around on tonight’s Question Time, and how will the politicians respond? By telling people that their way is the right way and fooling them into believing that they’ll listen and do something, when all they will do is nothing, but control the country for their own ends. Tony Blair…what a cunt! I was fooled once and voted for him. Never again will I vote. I haven’t got a memory the size of a Goldfish. I’ve seen what the Conservatives did to the country and now what New Labour have done to it. It’s about time they both cleared up the mess they’ve made. Vote for no-one. Hang the parliament! if we can’t hang the politicians, the WANKERS!


Highlander said...

Bugger. Was looking forward to you kicking off on Question Time. I'll just have to ignore it now like I normally do anyway.

Longy said...

Never mind Nuzz. Keep kicking down the door and maybe they'll let you in next time.

Paul Groovy said...

aw shucks! i watched it in the hope of some nuzz action as well!!