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Sunday, 25 April 2010

More mass debating

Seconds out…Round Two. Like I said before, I couldn’t watch this one because as in our democratic society where freedom is the right to consume I have chosen not to have Murdoch’s Sky TV in my house, I listened to it on the radio instead, and no surprises it was much of the same bickering and bantering about who’s policies would be best for the country. The Liberal Democrats are still kicking arse despite the media’s predictable slurs on Cleggs character, and their scrutiny of his parties policies but like I said before. “THEY ARE ALL THE SAME” they talk about real change, but then you’ve got the media trying to scare the people by saying a hung parliament would be bad for Britain, when the reality would be that a hung parliament would be the first step toward real change. Everyone’s hung up on the economy. I’ve had election leaflets for my local Labour candidate come through the door telling me “the election is primarily about one big issue securing the recovery of the economy” and “if we take wrong decisions everyone will be paying the price for years to come” yeah right, the economy that Labour fucked! Then she has the cheek to apologise if her message “has to be stark” Who ever we vote for, and who ever ’wins’ will still make us pay the(ir) price. Fuck their economy! This is just how unjust it is; I heard Richard Branson moaning on the news about the recent grounding of aircraft during the great volcanic ash debacle, how the authorities over reacted and as a result the industry has lost billions of pounds, dear old Dickey B wants the government to compensate the aircraft companies for their losses, what!!!! I don’t fucking think so. Stranded travellers who’ve had to extend their holidays or pay extra to get back to Britain are very unlikely to get compensated for any extra expenditure due to it being an act of god, and now Branson expects them to pay, because it’s the people that pay, out of the unjust tax system, Government money is our money, they’re just looking after it for us and as we’ve seen they’ve not being doing a very good job of it for us, well not for the majority of us anyway, the minority of bankers and business leaders have done alright out of it. Lets look at Richards Branson, I know it’s not a pretty sight but it’s only for a minute. According to a Rich List he’s
Worth £2,600 million pounds….(thanks to his media empire, something else I have chosen not to have in my home) and he wants us to cover his losses. Well…. I haven’t seen him sharing his profits with us. They talk about a just and fair society. Well this sort of shit just aint fair! Then I see him and his beard beaming from the front of the latest Big Issue, proclaiming “We need a revolution to change the world.” Yeah too right Richard, but how about you change your attitude first you revolting man. If all this Britain’s Got Politics On Ice spectacle has got people a bit more into politics, it needs to be remembered that the young people are from the Branson/Murdoch generation, they need to know that Rupert and Richard are just the same as the politicians, protecting their interests, power and privileges. If people are gonna vote, I hope they make the choice because it is how they feel, not because of how they have been made to feel by the parties and the propaganda, through threats and scares of what will happen to the country if they vote for a certain party. Bring on the third round this week when the squares square up for the final fight.


Anonymous said...

I heard the Branson interview as well Nuzz, and was equally shocked. A billionaire bleating for tax payer hand outs.

The media have been really struggling with the Lib Dem 'Swing'. They have been caught off guard, and have found themselves in a position where for once it is not they who are driving the agenda. The people seems to be.

You are absolutely right, if real 'Change' is what's needed, then a Hung Parliament is the first real step towards that change.

Liquidator said...

like they say, whoever you vote for government always wins