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Sunday, 4 April 2010

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS - Live @ The Marquee, London 1984

I’ve had this show knocking about on my hard drive for a while now. I hadn’t intended to post it, on a account of I got it from a forum and can’t remember which one, and I do like to give credit to others if it aint all my work, but….In a strange sort of synchronicity It seemed right; after hearing that a couple of Blackhearts were involved with Batius and when I was sorting out the Batius post my daughter was playing Avril Lavigne and something just reminded me of Joan Jett, who after all was an inspiration to a lot of women in Rock’n’Roll, (Avril Lavigne..rock’n’roll?????) she also blew the pants off a lot of alpha male rock’n’rollers.
From The Runaways to working with Steve Jones and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols, and then some hit singles with her band The Blackhearts, including I Love Rock’n’Roll and Crimson and Clover. Joan makes a great ballsy catchy rock’n’roll racket, which is why I found myself attending this gig at the Marquee in Dec 1984 (The press cuttings and ticket stubs come courtesy of one of my scrapbooks.) I can’t remember that much about the gig other than it was another hot, sweaty and sticky night, (yes even in Dec) of rock action in Wardor Street. The recording captures this, as it’s an audience one. Not the best, but if you fancy a blast here you go. Joan’s still rockin’ out and giving it to the man with her anti Iraq War stance and pro gay marriage views. This one’s for you Nekrodad.


Marky Dread (Sparks) said...

Top post Nuzz who can resist some JJ not me. Still be careful she's got a bad reputation you know.

Cheers KOKO.

nekrodad said...

Thanks for this Nuzz, you are the man. DL now, everyone knows I love a good Blackhearts gig. I got about 60 now, lol. keep up the good work my man.

nekrodad said...


just posted a thunders/bators show over at the blog.


pipeline said...

Saw her there there a couple of years before this. Ridiculously hot as ever. The Marquee did their old trick when they felt that the act in question needed bringing down a peg or two of turning up the onstage heat by wacking the lights full on. At one point Joan reached out to touch her mike, and suddenly leapt about three feet backwards, turned to one of the band and said, 'Fucking hell Man, feel that!!". Her mike was slowly turning white hot from the heat of the lights directly above it. Top night. Brilliant rockin show.

coley53 said...

top notch cheers

Anything Could Happen said...

Top stuff. If you haven't heard the single she did with Bikini Kill you really should.

Anonymous said...

late to the party --- any chance of a repost on this boot? gotta hear it! thanks.