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Friday, 6 August 2010

THE DeRELLAS - Hollywood Monsters *A Review*

I got another package through the door last week, and it blew my head off, no it wasn’t a letter bomb, it was 12 tracks/30 minutes of no nonsense Rock’n’Roll courtesy of The DeRellas and their Hollywood Monsters album. It’s straight to the point catchy and honest. A pedal to the metal high octane blast of a record from start to finish. It punches you in the face then gives you a great big kiss, before smashing through the garage door with the motor still running. But hey don‘t just take my word for it here‘s what others have had to say….“like a rocket fuelled New York Dolls” - Classic Rock Magazine, “Reprobate rock’n’roll with an amphetamine snarl of The Damned” - Big Cheese, “like a lost classic from 1978” - Glitzine. So NME if yer looking for something new to revive go and check out The DeRellas and bring some Glam Punk’n’Roll to the masses, there’s a city to burn. Light the touch paper and stand well back, cos these boys are more explosive than The Datsuns and The D4 ever were. Unfortunately I won’t be posting any of this album, so if you fancy a blast of The DeRellas you’ll have to check out my previous All Fired Up DeRellas post, if you all ready have and liked what you heard then you’ll have to visit one of the digital download sites or better still order a physical copy from yer local music shop, it’s out on Crushworld Records, Distribution by Code7 via Plastic Head. The DeRellas are my favourite new old band at the moment, I’ve listened to Hollywood Monsters everyday since it came through the letterbox, it’s a welcome escape from the rest of the shit going down.


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