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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Religion makes me cross.

As it’s Sunday, I thought I’d tell you about a ‘religious experience’ that happened to me a couple of days ago. I was walking to a mates house when I was accosted in the street by a couple of women. They’d said excuse me, so I stopped I thought they wanted directions, wrong, they said they were talking to people about god, and would I….well I didn’t let ’em finish the sentence. I just asked ‘em “what the hell did they think they were doing trying to sell me their religion when I was going about my business” I then said I had beliefs of my own, but didn’t go round stopping strangers in the street and then try telling them all about them, I also told them that I found their behaviour anti social . I then said “excuse me…. but It’s time I fucked off , see ya” and with that I carried on walking. If god is dog spelt backwards, then these two strays were sniffing up the wrong tree before taking the piss.
I dunno perhaps the above was some sort of karma for saying those nasty things about the catholic church in yesterdays post, funnily enough, before the above encounter I’d been thinking about what to write and say about the popes visit to Britain. I seriously can’t be done with Religion, it’s just another institution that exerts power over people, controls people, keeps people divided, and kills people; all with the promise of a better after life. Perhapes if people made their present lives better they wouldn’t need to place their faith and hope in the hands of false prophets with false promises.


Anonymous said...

Religious street evangelists, of any faith, don’t really bother me. In fact, they literally don’t bother me, as in approach me. Maybe I look like I can’t be saved. What does bother me is people who continually knock your front door selling stuff, even when there is a sign on the door saying we don’t buy shit from the door. Maybe you should have a t-shirt printed up Nuzz…I DON’T BUY RELIGION…in every sense.

Longy said...

We still get those Jehovah's Witness's knocking on our doors round here. I do tell them exactly where to go and I'm not very polite about it. It really winds me up. 2nd only to someone phoning me up and pretending to be nice to me to sell me something (ala AOL)

Highlander said...

I thought you were gonna say you've been struck down by a pox Nuzz, a plague of locusts or a lightning bolt maybe. The big g obviously wasn't too upset with your abrupt manner.

I used to get into debates with the Jehovah's when we lived in Edinburgh. Don't seem to get 'em coming round where I am now. And the t-shirt idea is a cracking one. Get one of those US tellyvangelists face on it. SabCat would be the place.