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Friday, 27 August 2010

The Reading Festival 1987 (take a trip)

As it’s The Reading Festival this weekend, I thought I’d stick up a few live sets from the one in 1987. I could approach this post with memories of standing by the side of the stage that year when The Quire Boys were playing ready to change any guitar strings, catch flying guitars etc. Or there’s 1992 the year when Kurt Cobain from Nirvana was pushed on stage in a wheel chair dressed in a white hospital robe and wig, when I worked behind the bar for the Workers Beer Company, (all my wages were donated to the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign) serving beer to the moshing mud monsters. Alternatively I could talk about the notice someone had put up at work last week selling a couple of weekend tickets for this years Reading Festival. They only wanted £187 for them, was that for a pair? No it was a £187 each! I think the only time I paid to get into Reading it was £17.50 for the weekend. I know that was back in the 80’s, but maan! that’s some price rise over the years. Anyway, enough of my shit; here’s some great music from Reading 23 years ago. There’s the sleaze and leather gasoline rawk’n’roll of Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction. Then we’ve got the blues’n’roll boogie of The Quire Boys, finally there’s The streetwise guitar assault of The Godfathers. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I remember this one well. Spear of destiny didnt show-up but the stranglers, fall and the godfathers were excellent. Wasnt much of an Alice Cooper fan but his stage show was a sight to see. Thanks for the memories.

Alltid Rött Alltid Rätt said...

A buch of bandnames there that is impossible to remember at all...

Khanh Phat said...

Thanks for the memories.

mah jongg 2

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the festival prices these days. Used to spend the Summer going from fest to fest on the bike with a tent on the back. Some payed for others free/donation. Reading, Knebworth, Donington, Stonehenge, Froome, Strawberry Fair etc. Good times but it would cost a fortune these days. All gone too corporate. (Cash Points and phone chargers ! AAGGHH)