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Saturday, 28 August 2010


The cripples drag themselves to Lourdes as suicide bombers pack their rucksacks; they’re both in search of something. Salvation and a trip to paradise. How much for a ticket to heaven?
Deluded by reason of their faith that denies any reason other than the words of their god, their creator, a destroyer of free thinking. Theirs is the only truth and authority; praying to the lord with a Nazi salute. The fundamentalist Texas Taliban are rolling into town. Christianity and Islam are one and the same, there’s no good versus evil in their holy war of terror, just evil versus evil searching for a new Jerusalem to call their own where their word is right and everyone else’s is wrong.
The scientist stares through the microscope and compound their equations, searching for the answer. The answer to what? Questions that nobodies asked that’s what! Theories prove nothing, cos there’s always some scientific expert/advisor who says that one theories wrong and another theories right. Scientific progress has led to supposedly technological advancements that means we can put a man on the moon and send information through the air without the aid of wires. If I was a religious person, I’d say this was the work of the devil, but no we all embrace this and call it progress. People can sit and watch an impoverished nation starve to death before finding their way to Church with their Satallite Navigation system. The moral compass was thrown out with the tools of the old world. There is no morality in a world where people kill each other because they believe in something different or they dare to tell their truth. There’s no righteousness or reason in a world with the extremes of poverty and luxury that we are seeing now.
Religion and Science play on our fears, hopes and dreams, but leave us living in a nightmare that they claim to have solutions for. They collude with the state covering up acts of terror and murder.
Scientists play god with human genes and Genetically modified foods, Religion plays god with peoples rational and irrational fears and fuels the fires of hatred Science has built the weapons that are used in their religious wars. DNA brings the guilty to trial unless they’re protected by their church. It’s not god that watches over us, it’s CCTV. Science has given us ‘life saving drugs’ as long as they are not too expensive to administer, if they are then science decrees that ‘the benefits are minimal’ Science plays God, IVF empowers women by giving the childless children. Religion subordinates women.
Both are searching for their truth which ends in their control over us if you choose to belief the facts or fiction. The only place to place your faith is in yourself not in one construct or another, because when we die we are gone. God can’t save us and science can’t bring us back to life, no matter what they tell you and how much they charge you to book your ticket to heaven or cryogenically freeze you. As for going to hell that’s nothing to be scared of; because we are already there! One last thing….How come the image of God we are shown looks like Charles Darwin, but with a bit more hair?


RevolutionaryBum said...

Have you ever thought of writing a book ? I'm not being sarcastic, What you wrote described so much of what I feel too, I just find it hard to concentrate and get the words out without loosing my temper at the insanity of humanity... Thanks for the read! It's always nice to know your not the only one who thinks this way.

Chris Ripple said...

'Kin' Hell !
That makes two of us RB, and the N.P.W. makes three.
Maybe it's the start of some movement towards sanity ?
To be honest I hope so, as that can't come soon enough.