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Sunday, 29 August 2010

THE LIBERTINES - Live in 2002 'The Good Old Days'

I Watched BBC3’s coverage of The Libertines last night, and quite frankly I was disappointed and underwelmed by it, a case of going through the motions, doing it for the money, or you had to be there, whatever, I felt there was something lacking. The passion and the tension perhaps, I mean how could Can’t Stand Me Now ever sound the same as when it was recorded now Carl and Pete have kissed and made up. What I saw on the telly last night was an example of why bands that have had such a musical and cultural impact should never reform. The Libertines were very much a band of the moment and time. That moment and time has now passed and reforming will never bring it back, a shame they even tried. Was it really about the songs, or a case of “the only notes that count are the ones that come in wads” for the boys in the band? Just to check that I hadn’t lost my faith in life and music or I wasn’t being a cynical old fucker I dug this CD out, and gave it a spin. Nope The Libertines had it, back in 2002 that is. So if you fancy a blast of some vintage Libertines , you know what to do. They’re a couple of great quality Radio Broadcast shows. One’s from Nottingham Rock City t’other’s from Gothenburg, and they’ve got everything The Libertines didn’t have last night. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nuzz,

I was at Reading and really enjoyed The Libertines. There was a vibe in the crowd that I haven't felt in a very long time.

Always enjoy reading about your view on life.

Thanks for the recordings.

Take care, David

MJG196 said...

Which show should I d/l if I can only pick one...?

Anonymous said...

These are two of my Favorite Libertines shows I have!! I enjoyed watching the show this weekend,But I understand your point Nuzz. I'm a little nervous about Carl's new solo stuff..The one song I heard is a little iffy.
MJG, In my opinion disc 2 is the stronger on the 2. Both Great shows!


nekrodad said...

hey nuzz invites sent out

martin41smith said...

Hi,I agree with your comments nuzz, i think they are the best punk band since The Clash,but there was too much of a show put on between Carl AND Pete, the songs sounded good, but your right you can't relive a moment.

Charlie said...

Just a different slant on The Libertines at Reading. My daughter (18) saw them and came away with something of the feeling that I got from seeing The Clash Feelgoods Hot Rods X Ray Spex Jam Blockheads etc back in the day. A feeling of seeing something honest and reel.

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