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Saturday, 14 August 2010

UK SUBS - Strangle Hold

Today’s musical offering is some classic punk rawk from those United Kingdom Subversives the UK SUBS. This was recorded at the Roxy in London on 31ST Dec 1977 and originally released by Stiff Records, in 1980 as the Live Kicks album, a bit of a sore point for the band as previously Stiff had turned ‘em down for a record deal and the Subs never saw a penny from the records release, until after a court case with Stiff. The band were also unhappy with the general quality of their playing, and said “it should never have been released” It was also released in 1991 by Receiver Records as Live at The Roxy. This release is from 1999 on Dressed To Kill Records, which I picked up in a second hand bin at a record shop somewhere sometime. True, it’s not the best representation of the UK Subs that’s available, but as an aural punk artefact it’s great. For a full and comprehensive history of one of Britain’s best loved Punk bands (they recently beat The Clash and The Pistols on BBC Radio 6’s Punk Rock World Champions) take a visit to the brilliant UK Subs Time and Matter website, where there’s a ton of Subs related material to peruse.


Kostas said...

A great band !!!

Longy said...

I remember someone handing Pete Davies a Live Kicks album to sign outside Plymouth Fiesta where the band playing that evening. Pete got rather pissy about anyone buying that particular release and I remember wondering why at the time. Thanks for the answer!

Yashila said...

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