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Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Non News Report Of Sorts.

What’s been happening in Britain over the last few days? Well….A top Tory is gay, and has left his wife. Do I care? Then there was that ‘MI6 Spy’ who was found dead in a sports bag. I first thought….He must have been a rather short bloke or it was a big sports bag, on closer scrutiny it turned out he’d been chopped up into bits, either by an Al Qaeda operative or a ’gay lover’ I wonder if it was that Tory chap? Reading past the silly season crap, there have been a couple of more serious stories that if pieced together could form the basis of some propaganda for certain parties. Apparently there has been an increase of ’foreign students’ in British universities, then there was the story about school leavers unable to get places at university despite getting the grades; I can see a headline now in the Right Wing press about British University Places For British Pupils. Then there are the reports of more people having expensive operations on the NHS because they are obese, again I can see a headline about large people putting a strain on over stretched resources. I may be wrong! Watch this space……….


Chris Ripple said...

The reason that there are more foreign university students than ever before is that they have to pay full whack for their Uni' fees and since your average Uni' is now finding it hard to get by in this 'cash capped' country then it follows that them as pay less (our true Brit students) are now making up the smaller proportion, or will be in a couple of years time when it's really gonna be biting.

It won't matter to them anyway because they will still be as thick as shit as they were when they went in.
The 'system' has failed them, and the sooner people get real and realise it has already occurred then the sooner the 'system' can be put right.

Khanh Phat said...

Thanks for share
mah jongg 2

Kwai Chang said...

When the media, the police, the clergy, S.W.A.T., the dogs, the crowds, and YOU(me) are all focused on the breaking news, ...you can be sure that the REAL ACTION is taking place elsewhere. No more unwilling participants(WTC 7)can be 'afforded' (broadcast LIVE)...
So, we could go to Solvang, California and pretend that we aren't really Germans. The weather is so nice there.
Thanks for the news. I'm most appreciative!
I've been nuzzed!!!