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Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Killing Fields.

There’s been a hell of a lot of killing going on in England’s green and (un)pleasant lands recently; that guy in Cumbria, then Rauol Moat and there’s been several husbands who’ve killed their wives, others have killed their children before killing themselves, there’s been mothers who’ve done the same, then there’s the constant stream of stabbings and shootings in towns up and down the land. We’re living in a country where some people are at war with themselves, I mean what drives someone to kill, and….killing your own children? crazy fucking times! where violence breads violence. From computer games and DVD’S to Iraq and Afghanistan some people become so desensitised to it all that killing becomes a solution to a problem, then some of the Jeremy Kyle generation make folk heroes out of the killers. In a disposable world, to some life is.Are we living in violent times? Or have times always been violent? Do they seem to be getting worse because we are just being made aware of it more by the media in our so called civilised society? Pain and fear sells and the people are buying. With cut backs expected in Police and Armed forces, who’s gonna protect the people from their perceived fears when the state can’t cover the cost? A private army and security force, working in ‘partnership‘ with the state. Group 4 perhaps; they’ve been transporting prisoners about for ages, and now they recently got the contract for keeping our Hospitals clean. The medi-centres that the NHS are building are another example of working in ‘partnership’ or ‘privitisation’ if you like, Centricare is the companies name I think. Lets hope the Medi-centres are well stocked up; because nothing can protect the people from themselves. We can be our own worst enemies!

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Anonymous said...

Theses killings do seem to be on the increase. Most recent was that guy in Fordingbridge who massacred his whole family and then hung himself. Its clear a lot of people feel quite desperate out there. Debt, and the prospect of having to work until seventy for a worthless state pension, whist all the time seeing their taxes going to prop up the banks and handed out in non means tested welfare benefits to well heeled families is too much for some.

Cameron is really going to fuck this whole country. Constant schpeel about a more equal society, yet every new policy is making things more unequal and will ultimately create big social and generational divisions, and a culture of long term resentment and mistrust within so called ‘Communites‘. And if there are such things as Communities, in the true sense, how come these seemingly ordinary working people become so marginalised and isolated within them?

I curse the day the Tories got in, by the skin of their teeth lets not forget, and curse the Lib Dems even more for providing them with a mandate to govern.