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Monday, 31 December 2007

Another friend of the West is assassinated in the pursuit for global democracy. One thing that I don’t quite understand is that Benazir Bhutto’s political peoples party is described as a democratic party, fair enough they are pushing, with the help of the USA and Britain to bring democracy to Pakistan, whether this is the right thing for the country doesn’t seem to be an option, it’s what the West wants and as we know what the West wants the West gets, no matter what the cost to the country it is trying to change. Some regions in the world are not equipped for Western Democratic values, even with an Oxford University education, there are too many social/religious and political divisions to overcome. Anyway the Wests interests in these regions is purely economic, they need some sort of Western values introduced in order to buy and sell the people. Hey, I’ve strayed from my initial point which was; how can a party be democratic when the only leaders it has had are from the same family? Democracy, Dynasty or Dictatorship ? You decide, Western leaders have all ready made their decision and as we know they will over look certain ’values’ in order to get what they want.


cat said...

Her teenage son is now in charge of her party, while her theifing husband will obviously pull all the strings, Should they come to power they will no doubt heap vengance on those who ousted and also imprioned him when they first ruled in the 80's, bearing in mind that pakistan is a nuclear power, things aren't looking too good for that country.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Indeed they are not cat, and when a butterfly flaps it's wings....