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Tuesday, 4 December 2007


The Boys were one of the first bands on the punk scene, who unfortunately due to the death of Elvis Presley found that their classic debut album The Boys was overlooked by their record company who re-released Elvis records instead of pushing The Boys. The band never really recovered their initial impetus, but carried on releasing some great records before splitting up in 1981. This recording claims to be from The Roxy in 1977, but I’m not so sure as it includes several of their later tracks, including New Guitar In Town and Kamikaze. Still where ever and when ever this is from it’s a great example of the work of one of Punks overlooked treasures. Get it here.

Flown over from New York by Malcolm McClaren to add some authentic New York style punk to the Anarchy In The UK Tour, Johnny and the boys found ‘em selves in the midst of a moral panic were by nearly all the dates were cancelled. They stuck around London playing the emerging punk venues and looking for a record deal, which they found with the ironically named Track records. The piss poorly mixed/mastered album LAMF remains a tarnished master piece. This recording is from the most famous of those punk clubs; The Roxy in Jan 1977. It’s also claimed that during their time in England The Heartbreakers introduced heroin to the London punk scene, it was also around this time the band considered changing their name to The Junkies, I’ll say no more except it’s just a hit away, oops I meant click!


Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much!

J.N from Chatterbox

Anonymous said...

Kurva to je dobrej Thunders
Oh man that is great Thunders

bob said...

ditto! the others

John Liedown said...

You and yuh junkie mates again! only stupid bastards.... burble mumble.... nicking me gas money... where's me clogs?

Renaud said...

Thanks for all the Thunders on your blog! I've been re-appreciating him lately.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Alright john, one of the strangest line-ups ever for a gig I went to was an all nighter @ Nottingham Rock City in 84 I think. New Model Army headlining and Johnny Thunders supporting. Great gig, loved both of 'em, the NMA fans weren't impressed with Thunders and some one threw some liquid at Jerry Nolan which partialy blinded him, remember him threatening to hit the culprite with a cymbal stand. Mind you, the Thunders fans didn't get into NMA, but no-one threw anything, don't think they dared to, what with all the clogs and everything. Take care john.

eric said...

The Boys live at the ROXY was not really recorded at the Roxy, if I recall correctly, it was recorded in France. Great band,there punky power pop still sounds fantastic today, because unlike most power pop bands,they had the songs,the power and plenty of booze!
Thanks for posting the Heartbreakers, as many times as I have listened to them, I am still blown away by what a great band they were.