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Thursday, 13 December 2007


It’s 1988, the times were a changing communism was collapsing, music was lifeless and pop, CD’s were taking over from vinyl, but somethings didn’t change, like the nature of a rock’n’roll band. London band LIGHTNING STRIKE came from the Bernie Rhodes school of punk rock management, courtesy of hard nosed manager Kevin Daley, who helped create the mythology, by moving the band to New York for a couple of months of low rent poverty living, cause a bit of controversy over the political content of their lyrics, did a poster campaign slagging of pop idols of the day Bros, and got ‘em posing a lot looking like a gang. Lightning Strike played the role well. These guys were proud to be described as Clash copyists “The last review we had said ‘The singer must have stood and practised in front of the mirror for hours to be Joe Strummer’ And the geezer was right. I did! So what? We like The Clash so I don’t take it as an insult.”
The band gigged round London toured the UK with Boys Wonder and Crazy Pink Revolvers on the jiffy condom sponsored safe sex tour. Caught ‘em live in Stevenage on that tour, they rocked their hearts out to an empty hall. They were signed to major label RCA and released a single Beat Street and this their self titled debut and then bang as soon as they appeared they disappeared and judging by what I couldn’t find on the net have remained forgotten about. Any way, have a blast of some Rollockin’ Rock’n’Roll, all hooks and choruses, with a hip hop undercurrent. Catchy stuff. Nothing radical or revolutionary but a good way to spend half an hour. The Lightning Strikes here!


jeffen said...

Regretted passing on the vinyl of this 15 years ago - here's my chance thanks to another cool post.

You're linked at...


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

no problem jeffen, stuck a link up to yer blog as well.

monokrom said...

A great album from one of the best live acts ever. I've looked for live recordings of this band ever since seeing them support Crazyhead in Tuffnell Park, London mid 80's. I suppose you haven't got any have you?
See some fantastic pics at MONOKROM PHOTOS http://medlem.spray.se/monokrom
You'll find Johnny Thunders, Hanoi Rocks, 20 Flight Rockers, London Cowboys, Redskins as well.

Farrakhan Faucet said...

Wow! I can not even begin to explain how you have made my day by sharing this long lost gem. I played the death out of Beat Street on my college radio show. Too bad they couldn't hold out until Green Day and Rancid brought this sound back again to the masses. Now I'm wondering whatever happened to The Living End?

Anonymous said...

great to hear this, i saw this band support Stiff Little Fingers at Glasgow Barrowlands in 1988 when i was 15 and bought the vinyl, although i haven't played it in years it sounds just as goood after all this time!!!!

kevin curr said...


Just had a flash back to 1988. I put on their show in Bedford (Civic theatre) with the Crazy Pink revolvers, my first and last gig promotion.

The audience was good about 200 or so and they knew all the words and the reports I got back was that the band enjoyed it - I still have the newspaper reviews and posters I used to promote the gig.

my brother phill did the lights and did a bloddy good job! (seeing he had never done it before)

Apparantly the band also enjoyed my mums cooking which we did for them prior to the gig.

I did get told off for allowing the sale of what was thought as indecent t shirt sales!!

happy memories


Anonymous said...

That was 1988 but this band captured old school punk better than any other band.
Once heard never forgotten:"beat streat".
They propped up with mega city 4. Mega city 4 made it big. Beat Street brought me back to the fights in the streets with the prolls and skinhead and the last remnants of the fuckin' mods. This band I never forget.

Anonymous said...

Saw them supporting SLF in Brighton & London. Full of attitude they were brilliant!!