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Wednesday, 26 December 2007


What the fuck is wrong with people. Spend, spend and more fucking spending, not content with consuming before Christmas, the celebrations are barely over and people are still being encouraged to, and are if figures are to believed still fucking spend, spend, spending. Everything must go, well I think it all went a long time ago, people have been sold down the river on a wave of conspicuous consumption and they can’t even see it, and don’t really care so long as their arse is sitting on a new buy now pay later sofa, in front of a HD digital ready brainwashing box, people just don’t care about the society we have become. Even talk of a ‘credit crisis’ hasn’t put people off using their plastic cards to spend, spend, spend. What is wrong with people, surely they do not need half the shit that they buy, cos I certainly don’t need to be paying more bank charges/interest/tax whatever to subsidise these people and their thoughtless spend, spend, spend attitude, cos that’s what will happen when the plastic snaps, it’ll be down once again to those people that are trying to live their lives with ’real values’ to suffer for others lack of responsibility. And that is wrong!


irishdave said...

Myself & the other half went to buy a much needed sofa yesterday, and the shop assistant couldn't understand we were BUYING it outright, not on the never-never, weren't interested in 0% for 6 months credit bullshit. Awful time trying to explain

Highlander said...

Thing that gets me is that surely all these shop workers deserve more than one day off over the 'Festive' period? I am sure we could all survive with the shops closed for a few more days.