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Saturday, 1 December 2007


A few weeks ago NME did a special Love Music Hate Racism edition, with free CD, which I plugged here. I also posted something on Nov 2nd about immigration and racism, and how they should not be confused , the point I was making is that people should be able to speak out against immigration without being branded racists. I still stand by that, but like I said then; it is how you go about it that is the test. Well Morrissey certainly presented his case well, (especially as he had previously courted controversy in 1992 when he came on stage wrapped in a Union Jack.) using words like ‘explosion‘ and ‘flooded’ is not the best way to win over the NME, like they rightly said it sounds like something from a BNP pamphlet. What Morrissey was expressing, but not in the best way was that he felt the British identity was disappearing. If that’s the case, and it’s a big IF, there are thousands of others who feel the same and who also feel politicians aren’t listening to them, this is dangerous, as is not being able to discuss the subject in an objective way. Failure to do this plays into the hands of the far right and idiots like Morrissey who express themselves in a subjective and racist way. So fuck off back to Italy Bigmouth, where their national identity hasn’t become “a memory now“, or go to Germany….where it hasn’t ”been thrown away,” wait up..Germany, Italy…Fascist governments in the past…Hitler, Mussolini…….Don’t think I need to say anymore. Except see you down the National Front Disco, where the Bengalis in Platforms will stamp on your head you miserable bastard.


rk1 said...

Hi Nuzzer, I've finally got u linked @ LSS... I don't know how I managed to overlook u... Sorry!

Highlander said...

Morrissey: "I am going to show England just what I think of the massive immigration problem by emigrating somewhere else. That'll bliming well show 'em!"
Italian Press: "Exclusive - Whining English Has-Beens Stealing Our Jobs And Homes"

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Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Ha,ha, ha H, nice one. Never understood the Smiths far too miserable in a bad sort of way for me.