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Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Come on down Ed Balls, Schools Minister. What an unfortunate name for a New Labour dick. This man thinks that the Spice Girls and Margaret Thatcher are good role models for young girls. He’s talking bollocks! The sexualisation of girls at a far to early age and the idea that it’s all about image, along with the person that individualised society. The Spice Girls and Margaret Thatcher are responsible for the mess that Ed Balls is trying to clear up with his new ’Children’s Strategy’, which is basically an admission that New Labour have balls’d up, because five years ago in another strategy ’Every Child Mattered’. Yet nine months ago in a study into children’s well being Britain came bottom of the developed nations, and a matter of days ago it was reported that standards in British schools have dropped. All this has happened under a Labour government. Now that’s bollocks! So yes something needs to be done and the government have to do it; there are ideas of less testing of children, a more play and creative based curriculum, adventure playgrounds and youth clubs. Great, at last, this should have been done years ago, but hey woe, wait a minute; that’s how things used to be. When it was safe to play without Health and Safety, when you went to school to learn and not to be a statistic. It’s a case of going back for the future to try and repair the damage caused by social individualisation, where all this anti-social behaviour is a consequence of a lack of respect for the collective nature of society, mind you who was it that said “there is no such thing as society”? ahh yes, that role model for young girls; Margaret Thatcher. Now that’s bollocks! Surely it is a good thing to eliminate present social problems from future society, well yes, in theory, but what about in practice! Will the new system involve any sort of totalitarian and authoritarian measures?, for example collection and distribution of data, (another recent government balls up) state intrusion, and what about the parents? Yes the government are responsible for the society that we live in, but as citizens we also play a part; So parents why are you looking to the state for support? Do your job, tell your children that it is all bollocks, that it aint about looks, being selfish and money, because if you don’t then the rest of us who have been trying to do the right thing all along will be forced to have the state intruding into our lives, and that’s bollocks!


Penguin said...

Was Ed Ball in the Television Personalities and The Times ? Did not realise he had a career change!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Indeed, Ha, Ha, Ha, cheers penguin, looks like the puppy's doing well. Nice one.

Highlander said...

Hear, Hear Nuzz! Never mind what are the government
going to do about it, what are we going to do about it? Lets reclaim what is ours.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Too right H