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Friday, 26 June 2009

Are you gonna remember Michael Jackson......

...and where you were when you heard the news of his death? Me I was in the same place when I heard about Princess Diana’s death; In the kitchen, making a cup of coffee and getting ready to go to work. It’s what us mere mortals do unlike Queens of Hearts and Kings of Pop. Both of ’em meant nothing to me, so that’s what I’ve got to say about Michael Jackson….nothing.
Shit maan! After finishing off the above I just found out that someone who did mean something to me, Steven Wells, writer, music journalist and sometimes poet died earlier this week. He first came to my attention through his poetry in the early 80‘s, when he was known as Seething Wells. When he first started writing for the NME he was known as Susan Williams, by the 90’s when he was giving Scum Of Toytown a blinding review for their single he was just plain old Steven Wells. A true Punk Rock performer who pushed the barriers with his wity, passionate, political, provocative and expletive laden pieces of prose. RIP Steven


gobacktogo said...

Jesus man, that's pretty harsh.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan either Nuzz. But one can’t deny his influence on many different forms of popular music.

Usual array of public grief junkies being rolled out on TV. I was struck by two particular random unrelated interviewees. Both appeared to be around the age of twenty, and in separate interviews indicated that the most important thing about Jackson’s passing was that it was some sort of Lady Di ‘Moment’ for THEIR generation. Almost asserting that they had somehow thus far been cheated by not having a major global celeb death to call their own and that could define their lives. At the same time their interest in Jackson’s actual music appeared minimal.

My thoughts go out to 'Bubbles' at this difficult time.

Liquidator said...

Never knew about steven wells passing. He definitely means more to me than michael jackson

Longy said...

Whats the difference between Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett?

About 3 hours.

Reports of Michael Jackson having a heart attack in hospital are incorrect. He was actually found in the children's ward having a stroke.

What does Michael Jackson & a carrier bag have in common?

Both are made of plastic and dangerous to kids.

What do second place race horses and Michael Jackson have in common?

They both come in a little behind.

Whats the difference between Janet Jackson and the England cricket team?

Janet Jackson is guaranteed the ashes next year!

What do Michael Jackson and spots have in common?

They both wait till your 13 then come on your face.

Apparently the Jackson 5 are doing a comeback tour next year at the 02.All tickets are going to be 20% off.

Michael Jackson has cancelled all his upcoming dates. They were James (aged 9) and Thomas (aged 11).

What Band Is Playing at Michael's Funeral?

The Jackson 4!

Its just been reported that michael jackson didn't die of a heart attack but actually died of food poisoning, doctors found traces of 8 year old nuts in his mouth.

Michael jacksons parents were asked what colour coffin they wanted for their son, they said it didn't matter if it was black or white.

I've just seen Michael Jackson on family fortunes. To be fair he did really well until Vernon asked "name somewhere you take a kid for a treat?" Sadly up the S**tter was not a top answer.

Sorry Nuzz!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

What sort of twisted people have we become these jokes are all so wrong, along with the others I’ve been chuckling at all day, when people at work came up clutching their mobiles and reading another one out “Did you know Michael Jackson ghost is haunting the children’s ward at an LA hospital putting the willys up the children” People laughing and saying that’s sick and cruel with a smile on their face, bizarre. I heard the first one at 9.15am, he hadn’t been dead for 24hrs. What I’d like to know is Where do they come from? and Who thinks them up? We all know that paedophilia is wrong, yet we all still laugh about it. Bizarre. Cheers longy,no need to say sorry I did start it, thought you might have heard the football related ones. I’m trying to steer away from the TV with it all, cos if there’s any sort of Lady Di style bollocks I’ll just despair even more about what people have become. Thanx for yer time anon. Harsh? Possibly, but I wanted to say something because Michael Jackson was someone who did have an impact and influence on individuals and popular culture but he is/was also a target to me like politicians and other celebrities. I’m interested in what’s gonna appear in the media about it and what sort of hunger the press is goning to be feeding over the weekend. Nice one Gobacktogo.

jono63 said...

yeah just found out about our great loss, that of steven [SEETHING] wells, he will always be seething to me, as for the the other death today, who cares, never a fan, a product of the motown machine, and later, nowt without niles rodgers, so yeah won't be missed

daniel said...

In my case, I was really surprised to know listening to the news that Michael Jackson was still alive ...

Longy said...
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Longy said...

Fuck it I just wrote a long post and bolloxed it up but basically I said I agree it is so wrong but thats the British for you. My phone hasn't stopped going all day either and yep I'm not buying any papers for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Donned black today for my day job, but not for Wacko Jacko: Sky Saxon passed yesterday as well. Don't expect to see it on the evening news though. Pushin' Too Hard indeed ... up daisies now. ~stu

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thanks for the Velvets, Leather Nun, etc., and even more for keepin' the faith and tellin' it like it is. The graphics rock too. ~stu

corbypunk said...

Longy you are a pretty sick man. if this person that just passed away was close to you would you want people posting jokes like that about them. Fair enough jacko wasnt a normal person but how much do we stop & think what pressure we put on these people? britney, jacko,elvis,james dean? cobain? all pressured into a corner they couldnt get out of by the media

corbypunk said...

R.I.P. sky saxon, true great as you say,

Moussa said...

I regret the loss of the King of Pop Michael Jackson! Jacko is a legend. Its my idol - I miss u. I hope he gets where he is now, finally in peace.
Leave also your last greeting at Michael Jackson on our site, thanks.
a big and now sad fan

Longy said...


As an Englishman you should know what we are like. If that makes me "sick" then I'm guilty as charged. I'm not the media so I'm not guilty of putting anyone under any pressure just guilty of reading the bollox they printed.

I wasn't a fan of Jacko admittedly but I was still as shocked as the next man by his death. I was a big fan of Bob Marley and Marc Bolan to name but two but that didn't stop the jokes flowing the next day either. Its the way I am.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

And we love you just the way you are longy. I should never have opened that door, and I think we should all take time out and remember Joey Deacon, he was the man. The media have a lot to answer for and to, and as individuals so do we it's what we do with what they tell us that matters, and as far as I'm concerened those celebes that court the media and use it for their own ends become legitimate targets for whatever. They get what they deserve and we get the society we deserve (well not all of us) one obsessed with fame, fortune and perfection, that's what killed Michael Jackson.

Dolores said...

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, sick post, Longy.

Must be the going to work - rots the brain.

daniel said...

Sky SAxon :

Chris Ripple said...

It's sad when anyone who did anything creative dies...

As far as Michael Jackson is concerned he made one great album, a couple of good dance tunes, and helped put Motown on the map, plus made (probably) the best and most imaginative video ever and his influence on popular music was incalculable.
If that's his epitaph then I won't mind 'cos it's accurate.

As for the media frenzy then that is to be expected.
The public outpouring of grief re having their 'Lady Di' moment is far more worrying...

You missed out the one about the new Michael Jackson stakes at Ascot...
It's for five year olds 'cos he rode more of those...

It's British humour whether people like it or not ?
It's ingrained in the people's collective psyche.
Adversity or shock brings it out.
It's exactly the same as the old army song 'Hanging on the old barbed wire' for Chumba' fans, or 'Hitler has only got one ball' from my parent's generation.
It appears and then it goes and it gets people through stuff and it means nothing.
It's usually cynical or ironic and which of us didn't get the Mumbai bombing ones previously ?
These are no different.

The fact that in his personal life he was a complete fruitcake didn't help his chances to avoid them.