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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

TAKE AIM. FIRE! - Wheelie Bins? More like Looney Bin!

So some of the good people in England’s green and pleasant land are unhappy, about Wheelie Bins! Wheelie Bins, those big rubbish bins on wheels. Apparently they are an eye sore and make peoples gardens look ugly. For fucks sake! It’s an ugly old world anyway, deal with it. Paint the bin, or cover it with stone cladding or fake Tudor beams, like the front of your ugly house, with that eye sore of a 4X4 parked outside. I mean what did you do before ‘The Wheelie Bin‘?….Oh yes; used those beautiful looking black rubbish bags. You Wankers! it aint about fortnightly rubbish collections, it’s about your middle class middle England starting to look like a working class council estate.


Anonymous said...

I would love a wheelie bin. One thing I’ve wondered is how do all these families who throw out four bin liners full of rubbish every week deal with wheelie bins? I mean there’s only so much you can get in them and they're not that big.

Chris Ripple said...

Ah... Now there's a question.

What happens is as follows...

The binmen (who are on 'job and finish') come round on their usual day, they then pick up three of the bags with rubbish in and leave the fourth 'cos it's got something they don't like in it (food perhaps ?) which has been got at by the night life (cats, rats, foxes, dogs, pissheads) and they drag the three to the dustcart, and as they do the bottom falls out of one and the rubbish spews out all over the pavement or pathway so they leave that one also as it is not safe to pick up now and two bags are thrown on...
This happens all the way down a road or street.

Two or three hours later the complaints about the litter start building up and some poor council worker has to run round and clean up after his own council's dustcrew who have already gone home and the cost of the cleanup goes on the council tax for the following year...

Now with wheelie bins that wouldn't happen, but...
as we've already seen recently... you can only get one dead body in the bloody things and apparently that was left because it was 'too heavy'.

Fuck that !

Either they empty the bloody things or they don't ?
They can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

I’ve never understood why people insist on regularly putting their rubbish out the night before and then moan about how foxes etc. have broken the bags open. There seems no reason at all to put it out earlier than the morning of the day of the collection. Even if you work nights you will still almost certainly be home before they come round to collect the rubbish. The bags I’ve seen break open are always the really thin cheap useless ones that won’t hold a days rubbish without breaking let alone a weeks worth. I guess people buy them as they begrudge paying money for something like a bin liner. Another reason for wheelie bins.