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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

UNTITLED # whatever.

I heard former Conservative PM William Hague on the radio saying that the European election results in Britain were a sad day for our democracy. Ummm, Yes and No! No because it shows that proportional representation works, and fringe partys get a chance to gain some power, and Yes because it enabled an undemocratic racist party; the BNP to gain two seats in the European parliament. If anything it was a sad day for the Labour, Conservative and Liberal party's, whose faliure to address the concerns of the populous, enabled the BNP to gain a foothold in Europe and UKIP to maintain their power. Dunno what to make of the UKIP lot, but what I do know is that anyone who voted for the BNP is a Racist, because if they weren’t then surely they would have voted for UKIP, who say and want exactly the same things as the BNP, but without the racism. Then there’s the media, stirring it up with stories that fuel the fires of prejudice and show how much power they have to shape public opinions, while we’re on the subject of the media, lets take a look at the recent much publicised Gurkha and Joanna Lumley versus the Government debacle. I mean for fucks sake The Gurkha's fought and died for Britain if anyone was deserving of citizenship then these guys surely were, but no the idiot Brown and his government decided to make an example of them and say No they can’t stay in Britain, to show that he was concerned about immigration. Then when the stories in the media started and public opinion turned against them, Joanna Lumley made him change his mind and he said Yes they could stay. A celebrity sit-com actress dictates Government policy, I mean, just who runs the show? Then again if the show was being run properly...... So what do we do about it all? Ban the BNP? Curb the freedom of the media? Errr, best not cos that’d be rather undemocratic. No what we need to do is to speak out and confront the racists in the workplace, the pub, on the terraces or wherever they hang out and tell them not to believe everything they read. Yes immigration is an issue, but No it’s not a race issue! alternatively how about a bit more direct action like what went down this afternoon when BNP leader Nick Griffin tried to hold a press conference outside Houses of Parliament but had to abandon it when Anti-Nazi’s threw eggs and chants at him. I wonder what the media will make of it? Either way the rot stops or starts here because there’s gonna be an election within the next year. So perhaps it’s fortunate that the British electoral system isn’t a proportional one Do we really want Racists in Westminster? because after all Britain is a democracy……Or is it?


Anonymous said...

There is a very big difference between the BNP and UKIP, there do not appeal to same sections of society.

UKIP is a essentially a libertarian party who are opposed to EU membership. They support things like a liberalised open economy, fewer laws ect.

In addition to a racist agenda the BNP advocates nationalisation and collectivism with a very closed economy.

BNP is more of a traditional working class party that takes votes from disenfranchised labor voters. UKIP is more middle class and strongly influenced by Thatcherism and attracts the conservative vote.

Highlander said...

Gotta disagree with you there anonymous - Lenin posted a link to some data at his post here which showed BNP voters as largely Tory. The Labour vote stayed at home this time round.

Good post Nuzz.

Marky Dread said...

Fuck the BNP!
No politics should fuel hatred for the colour of another mans skin that's just complete bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The success of the BNP is simply down to the three major parties refusing to discuss the issue of immigration. Nothing more, nothing less. For the past ten years they have all spewed out the mantra ‘Immigration is a positive thing for the UK’. But they see it from purely a Westminster/liberal middle class perspective, as do the majority of the media.

personally I like this thing which is now incongruously known as ‘multicultural Britain’. But at the same time I can well understand that if you are white, live in a run down northern town/city, work at a supermarket checkout, and are trying to bring up a family whilst living in social housing, you may not be as keen on it as I, or the politicians are.

The soufflé protest yesterday was interesting. I could only pick out one black guy among the protesters. All the rest were your typical young white middle class students. Not sure what this says. Possibly the rest of multicultural Britain, the part who you would think would be most concerned about the BNP, have got better things to do with their time... and eggs.

Longy said...

"The Labour vote stayed at home this time round"

Spot on Highlander!

As a traditional Labour voter,what else could I vote for? The problem is they are all a load of shit. I feel a bit guilty because its the stay-aways like myself who've enabled the BNP to get their foot in. The simple fact is I'm not voting for somebody I don't believe in so that counts them all out.

Why eggs? Whats wrong with petrol bombs! Oh yea I forgot,petrol is too fucking expensive.

Walker said...

just who runs the show?
The last Tory Govt. started the ball rolling, Blair built on the trend spectacularly- the answer of course is the MEDIA.
You could argue that we haven't even got real oppressors, but merely a simulcra of an oppressive government.

Anonymous said...

The BNP aren't racist enough,good to see you white liberal types squirm though. Send some vegan protestors to throw flowers at Griffin,he must be shitting himself at the thought of death by egging.

Anonymous said...


You have 1301 B.N.P. voters to confront,when you are feeling up to it,good luck :)

Marky Dread said...

Hey Anonymous here's a specially prepared word for you....CUNT!