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Saturday, 6 June 2009

THESE ANIMAL MEN - Light Emitting Electrical Wave (7" Vinyl Rip)

Here are some Saturday sounds for ya; a seven inch single by These Animal Men, which sadly turned out to be their last, a mighty fine and catchy tune. Taken from their undersold and under promoted second album Accident and Emergency, Light Emitting Electrical Wave sounds like The Only Ones meeting Hawkwind at an after show Suede party, dominated by some rather fine falsetto vocals and featuring Rob from S*M*A*S*H on drums. The B-Side is a cover of the mighty MC5’s Sister Anne, which sounds more like The New York Dolls than the 5. But hey! don’t take my word for it though check it out here for yerself. Enjoy!


Marky Dread said...

Hi Nuzz cheers for the share. I saw these boys at Windsor Old Trout not long after "Speeed King" came out, and they were great then I saw them play at the Reading Festival and all the Umbro sports tops had gone and Boag and Hooligan came out wearing frilly blouses and I think this new image alienated people towards then somehow. Personally I always thought they were GREAT!

Longy said...

Good description there Nuzz. I had a soft spot for this band too but they just didn't fulfill their potential......or were victims of the Britpop explosion(as were S*M*A*S*H)

RevolutionaryBum said...

Interested in hearing their version of "Sister Ann" I've always loved the riff in that song and it's weird not many have covered it... Hey, I had a question totally off the subject at hand... I was wondering if your files have the + in them for searching reasons ? Is it a way of keeping track of your catalog of music ? just curious , I'm trying to get all the files I've downloaded over the past year in some sort of order... Thanks 4 all.