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Monday, 1 June 2009

TAKE AIM. FIRE! or THE LITTLE THINGS THAT PISS ME OFF! (No.1 in an occassional series)

People driving convertable cars with the roofs down blaring out either shite techno, hardcore, rap or drum and bass bollocks at deafening volume. Why is it never anything that remotely resembles a decent song? For one, I reckon most people who listen to Rock’n’Roll. Punk, Alternative or what ever you want to label it, aren’t that tasteless as to posses a convertible car, and two have a bit more respect for the rest of the world at large. If I’m wrong, come and take a drive down Intolerance Street and give me some decent music to listen to while I’m waiting to cross the road.


Chris Ripple said...

Well think about it this way...

It may be shite but it's soon past and gone.
The funny thing is when one of these idiots is concentrating on the music and rams the car in front...
Now that's funny (It happened in the town centre a couple of weeks ago) and the female driving had the cheek to blame the driver in front for stopping to turn into a parking space !

Still, they could've always been listening to Susan Boyle ??????
(24 hours from their biggest gig to The Priory and rehab... It's Rock'n'Roll Jim, but not as we know it... and as for that mutant 10 year old ??????? I think somebody's parents want them to be a star) SICK !

Longy said...

Its not such cars,its bloody houses. I had to endure that awful Eninem shite eariler today whilst peacefully walking along the road. I blame the weather,the government,the parents and carrier bags!

gobshyte said...

whats worse is when people play shite like that on mobile phones when you are on the bus or the train.bastards