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Monday, 29 June 2009

"It's on T.V"

The BBC’s Glastonbury coverage of Bruce Springsteen was great. He rocked out in the most brilliant rockist way possible, to some he’s the Boss, to others just Toss. The hour and a half BBC 1 showed was one of the best bit of live music I’ve seen on telly for a long while. Personally I’d rather my licence money was spent on that sort of thing rather than a lot of overpaid celebs and press junket bonuses etc. I don’t have BBC 3 so I dunno what the rest of the coverage of the festival was like. In typical fashion some newspapers are critical of the cost and how many people it took to cover the event. Fuck Off! Don’t start punishing the viewer cos of your bonus and expenses culture has been exposed and yer gonna cut back on live music coverage in the future. Anyway back to The Boss The Beebs coverage started with Bruce saying “that was for Joe” before he launched into Badlands “Lights out tonight trouble in the heartlands” what a song. It’s a shame the beeb didn’t show the opening number which had been a cover of Joe Strummers Coma Girl, a song he wrote, about walking around at a festival. Why is this important why am I even bothering to write about any of this well for one I thought the Americans have got their musical man of the people, where's ours? then in a week when Steven Wells, Sky Saxon, and thousands of other people, and yes Michael Jackson died, I remembered a few friends who’ve passed away over the years, and people like Nikki Sudden, Johnny Thunders and I thought once again Where’s Joe Strummer now? and what would he have to say about the world today, but I’d like to think there’s a bit of Joe in all of us! (Bruce is even starting to look at bit like him) and we’re keeping up the fight. No I’m not gonna end with a dodgy joke about Michael Jackson But I wouldn’t mind seeing Jo Willey, Mark Radcliffe and co’s expenses receipts, just to check they weren’t taking the piss with my money.


Longy said...

I really enjoyed the Glastonbury coverage especially Neil Young,The Boss and Blur. For a change,well done the BBC although the cameraman on Lady Gaga could of got in a bit closer to solve the mystery :-)

As someone living in an area that is "going digital" in August,I already have not one but two freeview boxes. However,I can't get some channels on freeview (BBC1,2,3,4,Channel 4&5,ITV1,2,3,4 to name but a few) They say I need a "digital" ariel and a "booster" which is a big con. The day of the big "switch off" I will get all the channels,I'm 100% sure. Be warned,its one big con and everyone around here is falling for it and paying out for stuff they won't need. I'm not having it!

Anonymous said...

A corporate money spinning event for the entertainment of Middle England. Nothing more, nothing less. Still, at least it’s only Middle England music ‘Fans’ that are getting shafted. Most people with any nouse stay well away these days. Apparently Mick Jones was watching Spunkstain from the side of the stage. Lets hope that the nightmare of all nightmares doesn’t happen - The Clash reform with Bruce on vocals. His increasing appropriation of the greatest band to come out of London is worrying.

Mark said...

Somebody must have videoed Coma Girl. STICK IT ON YOU TUBE! I wanna see it....