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Sunday, 7 June 2009


If you go around with your head up yer arse all the time all yer gonna see is yer own shit. If you bury your head in the sand, then you’ll just get fucked up the arse. So use your head wisely and watch yer arse!
People need to take pleasure with what they’ve got, and not in what they want, that’s one of the reasons we are in the shit; people getting pleasure out of getting what they wanted with no thought of the consequences of how they got it, then there’s the realisation that they probably didn’t need it anyway.
Values mean nothing, when nothing has any value.
Alright, so we’ve got the minimum wage for what it’s worth, which aint a lot, so what about a maximum wage say for example a person can earn up to £50,000 a year. This aint an economic policy, it’s a moral one! I mean if people can’t live on that sort of money a year, then there’s something wrong.
Alright so there are some jobs were rewards should/could be high, but these jobs aint a footballer, celebrity actor/popstar or banker. I mean some of these people earn £50,000, but that aint a year that’s a week……a fucking week think about it! Can this really be justified when there’s old people dying because they can’t afford to eat properly or keep themselves warm. I mean think what could you spend £50,000 a week on other than all the trappings of capitalism, were you become what you own and what you own ends up owning you. That’s what the people have been sold; the con that the freedom to consume equates to being free, a lifestyle that becomes like a heroin habit which needs to be maintained at what ever cost. That’s why the economies fucked, that’s why politicians have fucked themselves with the expenses scandal, just a bunch of capitalist junkies. Time to bring a plate of cold turkey to the table. Along with a maximum wage, there should be a maximum profit for companies and business’s, were after xxx,xxxx amount all profit have to be paid into some sort of system. Not the present tax system for governments to squander and steal from for their own ends, but one were the money goes straight into areas of society that need it.
Wealth creation for something other than creating more personal wealth.
If companies/businesses were restricted in the amount of profit they could make, then perhaps they wouldn’t make all the shit for the consumer to buy, which would mean that the supply of goods is reduced, thereby meaning that there would be less stuff for people to buy that they don’t really need, which in turn would mean that people wouldn’t feel the need for another consumer fix, and might value what they’ve got instead of wanting more of what they don’t need. A different economic system would mean a different society, realistically how this could be achieved I don’t know I’m just an idealistic malcontent with a utopian vision and some half-baked ideas in his head, who may or may not be talking shite.


Anonymous said...

Esther Rantzen was asked this week what the minimum wage was.
She said she thought it was around £8 - £10. God help the people of Luton.

Longy said...

I wish you were in charge of my football club Nuzz!

Colin Todhunter said...

You are 'dead on balls accurate' (as Marisa Thomei succinctly put it in 'My Cousin Vinny').