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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I ran.

So who’s more pissed off about the results of the election in Iran? The Iranian people or Western governments like America and Britain? Looks like President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is going to be a continued thorn in their sides for a few more years. Ironic really as both counties have done their best to get into bed with him and the Iranian people. British and American television stations have being pumping propaganda in to Iran over the last year and Channel 4 even had Mr Dinnerjacket giving an alternative queens speech last year. Why? Is it because he wants to be like the Western powers and go Nuclear, and only western approved democracies, and North Korea are allowed to have it. Look what happened to the last bloke in the Middle East region who had nuclear weapons, oh wait up…no he didn’t actually have any, but the leaders of our free Western Democracies lied, and told their people he did and went to war. The British government is gonna carry out an enquiry into the war, it may be public, it may not; they can’t decide, they don’t want to compromise National security. Diplomats are being expelled from both Britain and Iran. Once again the West meddles into areas it knows nothing about in a bid to spread the words of their freedom and democracy. Then there’s the young Iranians fuelled on dreams of liberal democratic ideals through Western propaganda.
It’s not right that protestors are attacked and killed in Iran, but it’s not right that it happens in other countries like Greece, the birth place of democracy for example, and lest we forget Ian Tomlinson the protestor killed at the recent G20 demo in London and the others that were attacked by our democratic police with their identification numbers hidden. As for rigged elections the Americans are masters at that, look at the Florida fiasco when Bush got elected, as ballot papers were being dumped in the swamp, and as for treating people, what about the Prisoners who have been held captive without trial and tortured in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay by the British and US governments Democracy? more like hypocrisy!

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STRONGOS said...

I agree with you. It's total hipocrisy. I'm brazilian and in the 70's hundreds od brazilian oppositioners were killed by militars. But those ones was communists...