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Sunday, 28 June 2009


Lets not take our eye of the ball, what with fiddling MP’s the death of Michael Jackson and what ever else the media decide they want us to see. Tony Blair has designs on becoming the First President of Europe, what! He oversaw an illegal war, and with the help of his unelected buddy Peter Mandelson he’s trying to cover up his compliance in at all, after all we don’t want Europe’s President to be guilty of crimes against humanity now do we. I mean who was that last fella who wanted to be in charge of Europe with his one world vision? Ah yes, that’s it…Adolf Hitler, and he professed to being a socialist as well. Then lets look at someone Blair would have to work along side; French Prime Minister Nicholas Sarkozy, with his dubious views and cultural/religious attacks on The Burkha, by wanting it banned in France.
How will these sorts of opinions effect our special relationship with America after all in a recent speach Obama asked for the West have an understanding of Islam. Yeah right! The only understanding that Blair and Sarkosey have is that their views are right and everyone else’s are wrong.
Yes some of the more fundamental and radical parts of the Islamic faith have a poor view of women, but that’s their faith, not ours. Immigration brings with it different cultures I don’t hold with this when in Rome attitude, yes when it comes to speaking in the host nations language, but as for imposing all our values, like for example the Romans did, (where do think the saying “When in Rome do as the Romans” comes from?) It’s their lives and their faith so it should have no baring on our lives and faiths. But our leaders are gonna try to push their cultural/religious genocide on the grounds of national security, by saying that terrorists can hid behind the burkha and after all it’s the radical arm of Islam that hold the extreme view on women in society. That should square things up nicely with Obama, “see it’s not the whole Islamic faith we have no understanding for it’s the radical ones we don’t like.” What our leaders fail or refuse to understand is that continued attacks on Islam just fuel the fire of radicalism. Or do they understand this and continue to do so in order to keep the terrorist threat real so that they can use The Fear of Terror to control their free democracies, and ultimately certain areas of the globe with a one world vision/order like the Romans did and Hitler tried to do. If we take our eye off the ball we will creep further into a new form of fascism for the 21st Century.

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Chris Ripple said...

Hey !
Lets start by saying that in general terms this is a
Pretty good post ‘cos it throws up possibilities of further action whether thought or speech ?
In my opinion (for what it’s worth) Tony Blair should be kept away from any Presidential job anywhere.
Face it, when you have an expenses scandal and you find that somebody’s expense sheets and receipts have been shredded, then I’m afraid any confidence in that person has gone…
And as for leading us into the Iraq war with his cronies so that he could look good to the U.S.A… (‘cos I’ve looked, but I cannot really find any other reason ?)
No Way !

The wider issue ?
Well, I think I have to differ from one part of it.

In the above post The N.P.W. wrote:

‘Yes some of the more fundamental and radical parts of the Islamic faith have a poor view of women, but that’s their faith, not ours. Immigration brings with it different cultures…’
I’m going to take the ‘but that’s their faith, not ours.’
‘cos it affects me personally, and I want to pose a serious question to the readers of this site who would agree with The N.P.W’s words.
And the question is…

“How do you tell a nine year old girl whose stated ambition is to be the best Mandinka drummer in Africa and then the world, that she can’t follow her dream because…
‘that’s their (her) faith, not ours’.”

Her mother (a Christian) has brought her up telling her that if she does all her schoolwork then she can become anything she dreams of ?
(Her elder twin sisters just passed 8 & 9 of their equivalent G.C.S.E’s respectively, and they’re going into accountancy and hotel management at local college and uni’ after that)
Little one’s answer…
‘I’m going to be a drummer…’
And where they live, that schoolwork thing is even more important than here, even though it strictly speaking, does hold true pretty much everywhere on the planet.
Learn to read, learn to write and the rest is up to you.

The reason I ask the question is that I can’t answer it because I honestly believe her Mother’s quote is right and The N.P.W’s overview is wrong.
Could any of you stand in front of that child and deny her her dream because her religion does not recognise a woman as a drummer ?
Sorry… ‘fraid I can’t.
Hell ! I paid for the drum.
And if that means I’m the bad guy or subversive or whatever label people want to throw, then so be it.
I can’t do it.
Even the local drum maker who made her the drum, when hearing for whom it was intended, said ‘Good… It is time…’
And he’s as devout a Muslim as anyone.

I s’pose what I’m trying to say is that some things have to change… and in this current day and age, I wouldn’t bet against the child.
But then… I know her.
I’ve heard her talk about her dreams and what she wants to do…
It is no use just abrogating responsibility or shrugging your shoulders if something is wrong by saying ‘that’s their faith’ when it affects ordinary innocent people.
When do people become people, and not Moslem, Christian, Jew, Hindi etc like they all came labelled in little boxes with a control switch ?

So how many of you would tell her no and deny her the dream, and how many would encourage ?
It’s your call.

On a musical note, wasn’t it Dave Edmunds who sang Springsteen’s ‘From Small Things Big Things Come’ ?