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Saturday, 15 September 2007

Aaah! Just tripping back to the 80’s (ripping some non punk vinyls at the moment) after adding a bit of colour to my life after the anarcho days. Started thinking about a few things…hey here we go again, he’s off on one, bastard I only came to see what music he’s posted and he’s going all political on us. Any way just to keep it fair and equitable I aint gonna go all political on ya either, well not in a macro way, more micro.
Thinking and reflecting back to 1980-83 I came to some sort of conclusion . The anarcho scene left me politicised, but something had been missing . Thinking back, at the time it was fucking great going to these weird and wonderful squatted venues and listening to bands. But something changed it became quite oppressive. Very uniform. Black clad individuals in a mass collective and I think that was it, looking back I had no sense of individual identity. I also remember reading a fanzine which had an article in it about cutting your manhood off through guilt and in solidarity?! Maan, I think I started questioning a few things then, certainly weren’t gonna cut mine off for the cause. The scene was also becoming depressing lots of ‘bad drugs’, glue sniffing 10p punks. Then to top it all the most positive, musical thinkers of the scene; The Mob split up. For me that was The Day The Country Died.
I shall start posting the fruits of my vinyl ripping over the next few weeks, months. Be prepared. If you wanna hear what the anarcho scene was all about take a visit to Running Riot in 2007, where MrMagoo has posted a fine collection from the ZigZag squat gig in 1982.


Curious Guy said...

Well it wasn't better in the 90's with PC-ness taken to the extreme. People discussing to raise their cats on a vegan diet. And even a better one: it was considered sexist if (hetero)males think about naked women if they masturbate! If someone has an alternative please let me know...

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

yeah and me CG. Unless we are the alternative!?