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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Power to the people of Burma who are trying to take back their power and defy their dictators. Not an easy task when facing rifle butts, tear gas and baton charges. All the United Nations do is ask the dictatorship to 'show restraint' to the protesters. It'd be a different fucking story if the west had any economic interests in Burma, same as Zimbabwe. Iraq, now that's a different story, but we oil know what that was about.


cat said...

"all the power in the hands of the people rich enough to buy it"

Reminds me of the time the hutus and rawandas slaughtered each other while the so called policeman of the world stood by and watched,would of had a quick response had there been any profit there, sad state of affairs, even those peacful monks are getting laced.Mind you i heard a news report earlier about how the protesters on passing the british embassy stopped and cheered (as a sign of appreciation at browns comments against the burmese ruling junta) how ironic , made me smile though.

cat said...

mind you having said that, some off those monks aren't as peacful as they make out getting involved in all that rioting.

"riot riot i wanna riot, a riot of my own"

Pogel said...

I heard government soldiers were may to shave their heads and pretend to be monks, then they started violence giving the troops "reason" to attack everyone.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Aah, those old tactics pogel, spotted a few of those 'instigators' on several marches/demos back in the day. I suppose the 'west' are a bit unsure of the consequences of dealing with an unknown quantity when it comes to doing anything, (the US and Uk knew exactly what Iraq had, cos we sold it to 'em.) all I know is that sanctions don't work with these types of regiemes. Cheers for taking time out to comment.