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Friday, 7 September 2007


Been thinking…….always a bit dangerous that one. Too much of it makes yer brain hurt, not enough of it and you end up with no brain. Then does it all depend what your thinking about? Anyway, what was I thinking about? Right that’s it yeah…….All this shit that’s going down these days in Britain; It’s nothing new. Poverty, it’s always been there. Throughout history society has needed people to look down on. Makes everyone feel better about themselves. The Yoof, you only need to read Dickens’s Oliver Twist. Drinking, just look at Hogarths picture Gin Street, Drug use, look at DeQuincey. Prostitution, ‘the oldest profession’ The list and the names carries on over the centuries, I’m not gonna carry it on. The point is that through out history there have always been ‘social problems.’ Some things don’t change, no matter what governments have done over the years, there are gonna be ‘problems’ because they have gone hand in hand with the growth of capitalism. To some capitalism in the past may have made us Great Britain. But in the present it is destroying us. We passively sit down and watch it all fall apart live on News 24. Killed by leisure. In the past people did something about it. Now everyone expects it to be done for them or does nothing. We are the only ones who can make it change, just like those in the past did. From The Peasants Revolt, The Tollpuddle Martyrs through to The Chartists and The Suffragettes. They all stood up; they didn’t have TV. Scientific progress has made us passive. Technology has reduced our freedom, so have new laws, just as the Corn Laws and Poor Laws did all those years ago. That’s it. Gotta stop now, my brain is hurting, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Regarding a certain current event, tightly connected to your post, the following link is an important one (goes far beyond the fireworks - the comments are important):


shit may roll UPHILL

wmhp said...

"Now everyone expects it to be done for them or does nothing"

Think this statement should read

"Now everyone expects it to be done for them and does nothing"

Biggest problem of our time, and its getting worse, has got to be politicians trying to justify their positions by bringing out more and more unwanted legistrations. These new laws not only divert public money from improving our lives, but also errode our hard fought 'freedoms'.

Not just talking about large policies like identity cards but the hundreds of new initiatives eg. no singing in pubs without a licence.
I didnt vote for any of these things. They are done for my own good because i cant look after myself. I need the government to lokk after me. They know best

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Yeah you may well be right there wmhp about and/or. It is the micro things that are important, the things that me and you didn't vote for and, and like you I am able to take responsibility for my life, which pisses me of because our freedom is being erroded, because others don't. Some have got the society they deserve, but were does that leave me and you? living in other peoples shit. Cheers anon, have had a brief look at the link interesting stuff, need to make time to digest.