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Saturday, 8 September 2007

Just when you thought it was all over, 'team McCann' score an own goal and turn from victims to suspects. How long before 'Browns bootboys' get involved and the whole thing turns into some sort of diplomatic incident with the Portuguese system of law coming under attack?, or it turns out that they did do it. Either way the story aint gonna go away, just like Osama who's popped up again with a newly dyed beard from his cave or CIA television studio. Bush misses the ball completely at the APEC summit in Australia or was it the OPEC summit in Austria. The only one who seems to have their eye on the ball is Osama. Aaah, the beautiful game.


mrmagoomc4 said...

awight nuzz cant sleep so an early comment here this business with the missing kid in portugal has had my attention from the begining theres some thing not quite right about this case.its put both parents in the spotlight lots of media attention, an audiance with the pope etc etc, now theyve found blood samples in the hire care samples of evidence in the place they stayed in ?????,ive thought from early on the parents are invlved to some degree i could be well wrong but one thing stood out for me if it was my child i wouldnt of been interested in going on the media tour tv,pope wot ever ide of stayed in portugal no matter wot.and just because they both are doctors dosent make them squeeky clean there still human beings with all the good bad traits that we all have !!!!, anmd yeah brown will use this case to his advantage his spin doctor will see to that.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers MrM, like you I have been following 'Team McCann' and made my feelings clear on the blog. Recently I have thought like you re:all media stuff etc, I certainly wouldn't want all that shit going on if it was me and my family. Just shows how media driven society has become. I dunno. Take care mate.

Chris Ripple said...

Wasn't Crippen a Doctor ?????