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Friday, 7 September 2007

HORNSEY AT WAR - Dead Beat Revival (a VinylRip, crackles'n'all)

Haven't got much info about this bunch of 'erberts. So I'm gonna have to remember (with the help of a gig review from a local fanzine) back to 1981 when I saw 'em live at Bowes Lyon House in Stevenage supporting Flux Of Pink Indians, it's also were I bought a copy of this EP for the princely sum of 50p from a geezer with a cardboard box full of 'em. Anyway, back to the gig. They played quite a short set from what I remember, "Hornsey at War were on stage and believe me it was as quick as that." They sounded quite shambolic and chaotic. "How come Hornsey sounded so bloody awful?..............why should we put up with rubbish? Just because you're a punk band does not mean you can play a load of shit and expect to get away with it!" I seem to remember the singer wore a balaclava and held his head a lot. "As for the stage act ( I say act, I mean travesty) the lead singer pranced about stage like a fart in a space suit! He kept his ears covered a lot of the time, who can blame him?" Personally I must have thought they were alright, otherwise I wouldn't have bought the EP, which you can get here. As it is it's one of the few records of mine from that era that wasn't stolen, swapped or sold. Dunno what that says about it. Judge for yerself, very similar to Alternative TV. Take no notice of what the fanzine reviewer said, think he was just some muso,who said of another band on the bill; Chaos "..and their playing in general was of a good standard" Good standard, fuck off mate that was punk rock.

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2 Tone said...

Just dug this out and played the EP - Fantastic !. John Peel played it to death which is how i first heard of the band. They sound very basic but listening to it again who cares. Dare i say , as a nearly 50 year old , they dont make em like they used to son !!! LOL.By the way my copy is numder 614.