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Monday, 10 September 2007


Do Not Accept this thievery. It is a con based on a fear of crime amongst the population and sold to them as a way of making crime solving easier. It's the only reason that I've heard as to why a DNA database is a good idea, that and a deterrent. If you disagree with this the argument then becomes... well If you've done nothing wrong then you've got nothing to fear. Well I'm sorry I do have something to fear; The future. I don't want the state holding any samples of my DNA, who knows what sort of government could be in power in say 15 years time. They could be even more dictatorial and controlling than the one in power at the moment. Believe me it is quite possible and very probable. Not only is another bit of our freedom going to be take away with this proposal, but also a little piece of us is going to be taken and stored away. For what? In case we decide to commit a crime in the future!


Chris Ripple said...

Err... I quite agree and I'm not the only one. The late and much missed Frank Zappa put out the same sort of warning as sleevenotes on 'Joe's Garage Vol's 2 & 3'. His warning was that 'total criminalisation' was on its way regarding making music illegal... We agreed with it and then thought it needed a bit of a push so we (Bass Relief) started doing it as a track at our gigs and it has now become our opening number with Frank's sleevenote lyrics and our music. Sometimes the sleevenotes make more sense than the album and this was one occasion. Most people we see at gigs seem to identify with the lyrics and sentiments expressed...
There'll be a download of it on one of the sites soon.
Stay cool

cat said...

I was recently arrested ( i bought a car that had been gained illegally via a dodgy credit card then sold to me hence the arresst no charge but got an apology and luckily my car back) but i was forced in a way to give dna samples straight away i realised i'd made a big maistake, i'm no criminal but i was told if i don't give it voluntarily i'd be forced to give them a sample.

Highlander said...

Perfect example of why this legislation is a bad, bad thing there from Cat.

On a side note Nuzz - did you get your bitrate sorted out? Posted a reply to your query over at CMI.