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Tuesday, 4 September 2007


No apologies for lack of posts over past couple of days. I've been playing with my new gadget, a USB record deck. Maan, technology aint called technology for nothing, cos it can get a bit technical. Tried converting stuff before using old tape player/record deck. My PC received the sound alright, but the recording program weren't receiving any signal. Now with the new USB deck, the signals coming through fine, but no audio. What the fuck's that all about, makes it a bit hard to listen to when cleaning recording up. Then there's getting the bit rate sorted, trying to do 196, but keeps coming out 128. What the fuck's that all about. I dunno, I've managed to convert something for ya, just listened to a copy I burned and it sounds ok but due to time factors, you'll have to wait until tomorrow and judge yourself. Don't panic if you aint just hear for the music, the ranting will continue. Just means I'll be able to post more variety of stuff and try and fill some gaps in the evolving blogsphere of all things 'alternative' in music from times gone past.


mrmagoomc4 said...

nuzz ive got a sound blaster live 1024 device from argos and i bought a leed from cash converters (the lead has a headphone conection size socket on both ends same connection as old cassette walkman !!!)and it works fine its not as good as a more technmical device but does the job you also get a wave studio software etc etc the device is in computer section costs £39.00 and the leed cost about £3.00 if you still got probs with your device get a refund and try the device ive got !!!!!!!!!!.thanks for the other of putting a piece on your blog about my missing recordings cheers...oh yeah do you wanna do a piece on the zig zag gig from a personal view ????? that i could inc on the post ?????

Jeronyme said...

Had the same problem. I still wonder how I managed to make the whole thing actually work. You see I'm for great help! One advice though KEEP CALM that's the bottom line!!!!

mrmagoomc4 said...

nuzz its me again your favourate stalker is there anyone you might know of who may have the zig zag stuff ive uploaded the other 11 recordings already but ide love the other stuff ive seen all of them on other peoples lists years ago except the sleeping dogs !!!.
jeronyme good advice i wish you could of given me the advice a while back though i pulled half me hair out grrrrrrrrrr fuckin computa bastad fukuing thing grrrrr haha

Anonymous said...

Dude your blog is great, seriously.

Can you tell me what is the song by the barracudas that you play in the blog?


martin from argentina.

Highlander said...

Nuzz - if you bought the ION usb turntable and are using Audacity for the sound recording then feel free to ask me as there are a couple of daft places where your settings can go a bit Pete-Tong.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers MrM and H, reckon you'll be hearing from me soon, good advice there jeronyme, surprisingly I haven't got stressed with it all yet, and thanx Martin, the tune is World Turned Upside Down, taken from their 2nd album Endevers to Persevere

Neil said...

I had similar problems

Working now but can only hear thru PC if recording at same time.