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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

MANUFACTURED ROMANCE - Time Of My Life (7" Vinyl Rip)

Another fave ever single of mine. Think X-Ray Spex and Penetration, plus a bit more. Get the picture? Time of My Life is a classic slice of power pop punk, and the B-Side Room To Breath is just a beautiful, beautiful song. The single was released sometime in 1980 on Fresh Records, the bands only other recorded output; You and Long Distance Love appeared on the Backstage Pass compilation. (If anyone has this compilation, get in touch, would love a copy.) I was fortunate enough to see 'em twice, in their tragically short 'career', if you can call it that, because this was a time when music and being in a band wasn't seen as a career move it was about passion not fashion. Hear that passion, as always it's just a click away....CLICK!


Pogel said...

Hey Nuzz my copy has a blue sleeve.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Alright pogel, Yeah there were a few different colours I seem to remember, I'm sure I've seen pink and green ones. Thought someone else would have a copy of this, had you in mind and John Liedown, wonder if MrMagoo has a bootleg of theirs. Take care.

English Paul said...

Also one of my faves Nuzz - I have the comp LP trackls if you want them. They have a Myspace page with some other songs posted too.


annie's animal said...

marvelous 7" !!!

Jon said...

Fantastic. Thanks. My brother had this, loved it, taped it for me, and I wore out the tape.

Cheers, Jon

Harry B'stard said...

I have a pink one missus!!! Saw these a couple of times on the Fresh tour along with Play Dead (excellent), the Dark (another excellent band) and Luton's finest UK Decay - wasn't Big Hair on the tour as well??? Either way they were shite

The tracks off the compilation LP were quality, never owned a copy but my mate used to play then alot

Nina? ..... I would!

Harry B'stard said...

Just listened to the tracks on Myspace be interested in the Backstage Pass tracks ...

Reading about them reminds me of the so called Nazi link - I got battered by some skins in West Hampstead! Happy days :-(

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

It's been a long time Mr Bastard, hope yer keeping well, ah yes memories of skinheads.

gorgus said...

hello people
kind f got ere by accident but nice to see your comments.
manufactured romance has a new CD out on sale at manufacturedromance.com not trying to give you a hard sell but alot of the tracks we played have been dug out and reproduced (as best you can after all this time)and released now on the above mentined cd and we are paying a few gigs for the first time since 1988 a kind of reunion...at the rebellion festival black pool in august then camden underworld on the 15th aug and a few others (listed n mysace)
I live in the majave desert now outside LA in california but i am coming over just this once to play with the lads one more time hahahha should be a right laugh.
see you there maybe?
singer man rom

gorgus said...

helloo people
this is Nina singer from manufactured romance! I kind of got here buy accident.
We are having a reunion this year playying together for the first time since 1988!!! we ave a CD out also (manufacturedromance.com) its cheap and has been reproduced but they are all old original tracks from back in the day ! I love it and am glad to be doing this stuff again.
I live in california now in the Mojave Desert just outside LA. so I am flying back in august to ploay rebellion and a week later the camden underworld and a few more. all the gigs are lkisted on out myspace page. fukk it warms the cocles of my heart to see you saying this stuff puts a smile on ones chops. thanks
nina faygo_babe@hotmail.com
aka steel kitten
aka stamina

Anonymous said...

great to hear about the CD, must buy it.

sexy said...



Monty said...

My copy is the blue cover too...one of my favourite singles of all time...used to thrash this one LOUD on countless Friday nights before hitting the town...

666 said...

Hi there!
Do you still need the Back-Stage Pass compilation?
Let me know...

My blog: http://666-musicforlife.blogspot.com/