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Saturday, 1 September 2007

The only and lasting memory I have of dead Di is just how easy it was for politicians with the help of the(ir) media to brainwash and manipulate the populous into a state of hysteria for reasons of social control and social construction. This technique of mind control continues unabated through every event that creates an emotional response in the individual. You only need to look at the case of missing Madeline Mcann and the recent shooting of Rhys Jones, to see the hysteria that is whipped up amongst the collective conscience. For example; official statistics (if they are to be believed) say that gun/knife crime has fallen this year. Not that you would think it at the moment looking at the media, but that's the point. I wonder if the medias reporting of gun/knife crime has risen this year? Anyway, it all part of 'the plan'. Political battle lines are being drawn, the battlefield is being prepared for the next election, the social conscience is being manipulated in areas such as crime and punishment ready for the election fight.


mrmagoomc4 said...

alright mate i transfer my stuff at 128kbps mp3 mode the higher you go the more memory it takes so just judge for yourself which quality is best for you !!!!!!!!!!,
im transfering more stuff at the mo for a guy who uploaded a few recordings for me it does get boring when youve a load to do etc
glad you liked the bootlegs mate hope the chron gen was the one you wanted cant wait to post the other demo as it rocks !!!!!!!

Curious Guy said...

Personally I would go for 192kbps. with a lower bitrate, the drums can sound a bit weird, especially the hi-hat, cymbals and snare probably of the high tones.
But higher bitrate is indeed a larger file.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers chaps for that, it's probably gonna be a case of trial and error, wiv probably a bit more omphasis on the error, so you may hear from me again re: technical support. Yep, it was the one I had, more memories.