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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Came across a blog today called METRO/SEA, which has posted Holocaust Hymns by CRISIS. This is a must have collection of some of the most politically charged songs ever. It's got all their singles and a few extras. Get it there and listen, there's also some DEATH IN JUNE (the band Crisis became after they split) available, well worth a trip. While I'm at it, (whatever it is), go and buy/steal this weeks NME, which has a great interview with IAN BROWN. Forget about whether you like his music or not, just read what he has to say. We are not alone, you know.


cat said...

Ian brown is definently a geezer in my books i love him for his music as well as his politics, I read in an interview recently about how as a 44 year old he felt it's up to younger bands to tell it like it is, but he found they were all after fame (he's got a point)and the music scene was lacking of bands like the clash in the world today, God bless you Ian (and god look after our man the nuzz prowling wolf another geezer in my books)

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers for yer comment Cat, Ian Browns latest is his best for me cos it combines both the music and the politics. He'S definetly got a point, and that's coming from another 44 year old. Take care Cat hear from ya whenever. KEEP ON KEEPING ON.