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Thursday, 27 September 2007


Right gonna freestyle this post a bit, co I've gone and lost my scribbled notes. It was something about the European Union, so I dunno what those 2 are doing over there. Iraq, Afghanistan? How much longer? Anyway back to Europe...where was I? right that's it referendums and treaties. 80% of the British public want a referendum on a treaty. Labour said in their last manifesto that they would have a referendum on Europe now they've done a U turn and are saying no they won't have a referendum on it; because the original treaty has been 'abandoned' and there is a new one, which has been 'amended' so what Labour are saying is that the promise of the referendum doesn't count because it is a new treaty and they never promised that the public could vote on the 'new one', just the 'old one' What a load of Bollocks! Regardless of stances on Europe, this is some sort of 'News speak' True 80% of the public might not have a clue what they're voting for, but at least do us a favour. The polls may have been rigged, but Saddam and Mugabe held elections and consulted the people before killing them. but after all why should 80% of the public expect to get a say when they weren't even asked who the leader of the country should be. those 80% needn't kid themselves that there is any difference between Labour and Conservative anymore, it's all about the face of a nation. 'Browns Britain' or 'Cameron's Country' because lets face it Ming the Merciless doesn't stand a chance due to our electoral system. Which just like Zimbabwe's is rigged. We are living in a dying democracy. A slow death through surviellence and intrusion, of new laws and social control, of toy tazar guns, that hurt but don't kill. Right that's it freestyle over. Too much thinking makes yer brain hurt, must remember to put my notes somewhere safer next time. Still I didn't have to post any old shit I suppose, but hey where's the phun in that.

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John Liedown said...

RE picture below.
Now that's what I call a fucking firm!
Fuck off West Ham!